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Lake Nona is a mixed-use planned community that is located southeast of the Orlando International Airport. Its location makes it convenient to all other points in the area. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Orlando and 30 minutes from Cocoa Beach. Whether you want to see the popular attractions, go to downtown Orlando or access the East and West coast beaches, Lake Nona can be a great start-off point.

This 7,000-acre property started as just a medical city back in 2005. Nowadays, it has become an ideal choice for those who want to live in southeast Orlando. Lake Nona is composed of four neighborhoods: Lake Nona Central, Lake Nona Estates, Lake Nona South, and NorthLake Park.

Shopping will not be a problem at Lake Nona. It offers many options including an outdoor shopping mall. When it comes to dining, the area also has a wide range of restaurants offering different cuisines. Residents are also able to support local vendors by buying fresh produce at the farmers’ market. As for hotel options, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. These include the Courtyard by Marriot Orlando Hotel, Residence Inn, as well as the Hyatt Regency.

In this digital age, having a fast internet connection is essential. At Lake Nona, wireless speeds are 200 times faster than the average in the US, that’s why it was recognized as the first gigabit community in the state. It is also one of the nine Cisco Smart + Connected communities in the world.

If you live at Lake Nona, you can easily access Medical City that is known for its education, research, and special care. Lake Nona is home to the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Central Florida, Orlando VA Medical Center, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and the University of Florida Academic & Research Center. As for the education system, Lake Nona has top-rated schools. It is within reach of the University of Central Florida College of Dental Medicine. It likewise has the Lake Nona High Schools Collegiate Programs, Primrose School of Lake Nona, and Nona Park Montessori School.

Residents at Lake Nona enjoy a wide range of activities during their free time. For those who love playing golf, they can visit Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. There are also other championship quality golf courses in the area. These are the NorthShore at Lake Hart Golf community and the Eagle Creek Golf Club.

Moss Park, the largest park in Orange County, is located at Lake Nona. It is a popular place for people who want to enjoy the outdoors. If you love the arts, the Lake Nona Town Center showcases the arts, culture, and even local produce on a weekly basis. Also, since 40% of Lake Nona’s land is reserved for greenery, hikers, runners, and biking enthusiasts can enjoy the area’s 44-mile trail.

Aside from the retail stores and recreational amenities, Lake Nona offers a wide array of housing or residential options. The development of the Medical City area gave the area a major boost as it opened a lot of high-paying career opportunities. Students also flocked the area to study and train as medical professionals.

If you want to move to Lake Nona, one of the things that you should look into is the sinkhole situation in the area.

Sinkholes in Florida

Florida Sinkhole Map

Historical Sinkhole Situation in Lake Nona

On September 2017, a sinkhole opened at the 11700 block of Eagle Ray Lane. It was 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide. According to the city officials, it looked like a cave-in that was linked to the failure of a sanitary or stormwater pipe.

Planning to move to Lake Nona, Florida? Many are considering this location for good reason. But while the appearance of sinkholes is less likely in the area compared to other areas in the state, it is still essential to be aware of the sinkhole situation. Bear in mind that for an area in Florida such as Lake Nona, the porous ground can result in an occasional collapse. This means that sinkholes can happen anytime, anywhere. No one can anticipate when and where sinkholes will open, but it pays to be knowledgeable about the area so you can take the necessary measures that will protect your family and possessions. For instance, you can consider getting sinkhole insurance if you feel that your surroundings are prone to sinkholes. It is likewise helpful that everyone in the family knows what to do in case an unforeseen incident happens.

If you want to know more about the sinkholes in your area, check out, an online resource of sinkhole information in many areas in Florida. You can search sinkhole-related incidents in your area for your peace of mind.




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