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Our mission is to provide useful sinkhole information for home buyers to make better decisions on their home purchases in sinkhole-prone areas.

Our Story

SinkholeMaps.com started out as a personal project by our founder Tony Hsieh, who moved to Tampa Bay, Florida in 2014 and was looking to purchase a house in the area. Ironically, he became aware of how serious sinkhole issues are in the area after purchasing his house. None of the realtors he came across including the one who helped him bought the house educated him about how serious the sinkhole issue was in certain parts of Florida. In fact, some realtors even downplayed and brushed off sinkholes as a big issue.

Frustrated with how little information was out there, he decided to utilize his digital marketing knowledge and started collecting and compiling Tampa Bay area sinkhole information into a website. With help from his team and by collaborating with Earth Scientists, Realtors, and GIS specialists, SinkholeMaps.com has now grown to cover sinkhole information beyond Florida State.

We really appreciate the positive feedback we got along the way from users and local communities since the website launched in mid-2017.

Our Sinkhole Maps

Our sinkhole maps are created by combining various publically available sinkhole information into one place. While much of this information is freely available publically, it requires substantial efforts to find and compile this information. In case you are interested in combing through the raw data, we have listed them on our resources page.

Repository of Historical Sinkhole Data

Since launching in 2017, all of our historical sinkhole data has been retained in our system and we only add new sinkhole data as they become available. In other words, we do not erase/overwrite our historical data with the new data sets, but rather, we only add the new data that were not previously available in our system.

In 2021, ABC Action News uncovered that hundreds of unrepaired sinkhole homes were reclassified on Pasco county appraiser websites, despite the fact that no repairs were made. When we checked on the addresses of the properties reported in the news, indeed these properties are no longer labeled as sinkhole-affected properties on the county appraiser site. These sinkhole-affected properties can still be found on our Map.

This news signifies what Sinkholemaps.com does by preserving and providing valuable sinkhole information to the community.