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Brevard County, FL

Near-perfect weather in Brevard spurs demand on homes for sale in this county, and the enviable meteorological pattern it enjoys provides even so much more. The fact that never in recorded history has Brevard been directly hit by a hurricane is an underpinning that has propelled the county to its bragging rights as host to the Space Coast and part of the high-tech hub of southeastern U.S.

Stretching for 70 miles along the Atlantic coast of central east Florida, Brevard County takes pride in its city, Cape Canaveral, home to the NASA Kennedy Space Center as well as a turf to the pioneering private concerns of SpaceX and United Launch Alliance. With Port Canaveral too in its fold, the county gets the distinction of having the world’s sole gateway that services not only aerospace ventures but also travel and transport destinations via air, road, rail, and sea.

Diversified Economy

Favorable for the county’s economy, many of the rocketeers and engineers who worked short-term on past NASA space missions have settled permanently in Brevard. With its available highly skilled manpower and as the county diversified its economy post the NASA launches, the county hence drew more high-tech companies. Helping a lot as well is the county’s proximity to the Orlando International Airport which is just a 45-minutes’ trip eastward from Brevard.

The strongest boost though came from the state legislature’s funding that created Florida’s high-tech corridor extending between Brevard’s Melbourne and Palm Bay, which traverses the Space Center and county seat Titusville. This corridor also stretches up to Tampa, Orlando and the Research Park at the University of Central Florida which hosts a high-tech business incubator.

Robust Job Creation, Academe

As it could be expected, these business pump-priming initiatives have resulted in a healthy job growth at Brevard, which is historically twice the national average based on a three-year time span. The county’s population gain is consequently robust as well, with U.S. Census figures showing an 8.4 percent rise in Brevard residents to 589,162 from 2010 to 2017.

The high quality of education provided by Brevard’s public schools, which has ranked fifth in the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, makes this county a favored home buying destination of young families with growing kids. Also serving as magnets for these households are the superb K-12 education offered by Brevard’s private schools and homeschooling associations, in addition to the county’s free college tuition program.

Besides its proximity to the highly rated University of Central Florida in Orlando, Brevard boasts of its homegrown Florida Institute of Technology. Florida Tech, as this school is called for short, is Florida’s second largest private college and is included in the Peterson’s listing of the top U.S. colleges for science.

Vibrant Lifestyle

All these fundamental factors favoring home relocation to Brevard are balanced by the wide selection of shopping complexes, as well as life and leisure centers, in the county. Including its barrier islands, Brevard’s coastline stretches for 230 miles, enabling myriads of recreational activities in such destinations as Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach. Port Canaveral, besides its cruise ships and cargo-handling, also offers marinas, charter fishing boats, seafood stores, and restaurants with live entertainment.

True to Brevard’s character, the county delights residents and tourists alike in a local planetarium and, of course, in the renowned Space Center Visitor Complex. Cultural shows and presentations could be enjoyed too at the Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, world-class acts that truly spice up the vast lifestyle possibilities available at the whole Space Coast universe of Brevard.

Oct 2017 – A hole opened up on La Maderia Drive, Palm Bay in the Sawgrass subdivision.  The hole was about 14 feet by 20 feet.

Sep 2017 – A sinkhole was spotted on Indian River Drive in Cocoa.

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