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Duval County, FL FAQs

Duval County, FL

Duval County, founded in 1822, is located in northeast Florida and is named after William Pope Duval, Governor of the Florida Territory from 1822 to 1834. This county’s territory totaling 918 square miles, 918 square miles of which is land, was sliced from St. Johns County

Duval’s claim to fame owes much to its seat and biggest city, Jacksonville, which was founded in 1791, even preceding the county’s establishment. The government of Jacksonville, which provides all services that a county government would normally provide, was consolidated with the government of Duval County in 1968.

A Titan’s Assets

Covering over 840 square miles, Jacksonville holds the distinction of being the largest city by land in the contiguous U.S. It is also the most populated city in Florida and lifts Duval to its ranking as the sixth most populous county in the state.

Business and industry thrive in Duval too largely because of the many of Jacksonville’s assets. One of these is the Cecil Commerce Center helping propel not only the county but also northeast Florida as one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S. The city’s strategic location in this region provides it with unparalleled access to global markets through a deep water port and a prime position at the crossroads of three major highways, three major railroads, and four airports.

In addition to these logistical assets, Jacksonville offers a robust manufacturing base, 21st century skills of a young dynamic workforce, and over $317.5 million in utility improvements and infrastructure. This high quality environment for companies and corporations is further bolstered by a consolidated Duval government fostering both a business-friendly climate and a vibrant lifestyle based on the county’s urban and countryside delights.

Scintillating Lifestyle

With the scenic St. Johns River running across the county, Jacksonville boasts of the largest U.S. urban park system. The 22 miles of local beaches city are likewise a source of myriads of water-based recreational delights. Leisure activities, moreover, extend to the scintillating arts scene of the downtown, its delectable coastal cuisine, and vibrant nightline.

Given all these, Jacksonville was ranked by Lonely Planet among the world’s “10 Best Value Destinations for 2018,” the only U.S. city to in the list. Similarly, Expedia’s Viewfinder blog included Jacksonville in its choices of “21 Supercool U.S. Cities.”

Family-friendly Features

Relatively lower costs of living coupled with affordable, high-quality housing and unique neighborhoods prompt many people to relocate to Duval, especially to Jacksonville, each year. Population growth in the county grew by an estimated 8.5 percent to nearly 938,000 from 2010 to 2017, largely as a result of the population gain in Jacksonville.

The excellence of the local public schools makes Duval and Jacksonville favored by families in search of residences to settle in for the long-term. Notably, three high schools in Jacksonville, Stanton College Preparatory School, Paxon School for Advanced Studies and Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts   are consistently included annual list of the country’s top public high schools compiled by of Newsweek magazine.


Dec 2018 – A 12-foot-sinkhole swallowed a man’s car as he was driving to work Saturday morning on Clyde Drive near Lem Turner Road.

April 2018 – A massive sinkhole reported on the city’s Westside Thursday night caused road closures near Ringhaver Park. The sinkhole was reported in the 5300 block of 118th Street near Sundown Drive.

Dec 2015 – People in Atlantic Beach got a surprise on Christmas morning after they found a sinkhole in their apartment complex. The hole was at the Deerfield Lakes Condominiums on Assisi Lane, which is near Mayport Road

Nov 2015 – A parked car was swallowed by a sinkhole in the south Jacksonville community of Mandarin on the morning of Friday 20 November 2015.

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