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April 2017 – A 10-year-old pug named Cookie fell into a giant sinkhole that opened after Tuesday’s rains. It took rescuers five hours to dig her free and lift her to safety. The hole was 30-foot deep.

April 2011 – An experienced well driller died late Saturday after a sinkhole opened beneath him and his truck fell in on top of him. Smith was drilling near Trenton, in North Florida. The sides of the 35-foot sinkhole kept collapsing, making recovery of the body difficult. Smith was buried under five feet of dirt.

June 2005 – A sinkhole on State Road 26 in Gilchrist County has grown to be the largest that Florida Department of Transportation employees have worked on in North Florida. The hole was estimated to have grown to 48 by 36 feet with an average depth of 30 feet.

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