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Holmes County, FL FAQs

Holmes County, FL

Holmes County is a choice destination for home buyers who prefer a rustic setting but still with easy access to Florida’s urban centers. Its central location in the Florida Panhandle, plus several major highways traversing the county make this so, and which is also why Holmes also has earned the title “The Crossroads of Northwest Florida.”

The road corridors which are pivotal to this county’s distinction include U.S. Highway 90 and Interstate 10 heading east to Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city, and west to the city of Pensacola. Trips either way take just about an hour and a half.

From Holmes, driving southward via Highway 79 opens access to the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches. An excursion northward on the same highway goes out of state to Alabama’s vibrant city of Dothan, which is only about 35 minutes’ drive from Holmes’ county seat and largest city, Bonifay. State Highway 81 also provides a convenient alternative route to various points of interest north and south of Holmes County.

Homegrown Attractions

Within the county itself, there are already many fascinating destinations, given Holmes’ long history. This county was founded in 1848 and occupies 489 square miles of territory, of which water accounts for 10 square miles. Besides Bonifay, this county also includes the cities of Ponce de Leon and Westville, the towns of Eston and Noma, plus five unincorporated communities—all offering rustic residential choices that can suit varying needs and preferences.

Owning a residence in Holmes offers a quaint countryside living best appreciated when the county seat hosts the annual Northwest Florida Championship Rodeo. Traditionally, this event is held during the first weekend of October and draws some 20,000 spectators yearly. Besides competitions, this cowboys’ extravaganza also features a rodeo parade throughout downtown Bonifay.

Holmes County, with its beautiful lakes and streams, likewise provides recreational opportunities such as boating, swimming, fishing and other water-based leisure activities. Ponce de Leon Springs is one favorite local destination for such watery delights reminiscent of the springs’ namesake Spanish explorer’s quest for the fountain of youth. The county’s woodlands and forests are a hunters’ paradise as well, teeming with deer, ducks, wild turkey and small game to test stalking skills.

Hospitable Business Climate

Holmes is also a business-friendly county, providing tax and other incentives to entrepreneurs who see the potential opportunities of the county’s central location and growing consumer market. There is a diverse and expanding industry base in this county, with growth nurtured by the relatively more affordable cost of doing business locally.

Moreover, Holmes can bank on a labor force not only from within its boundaries but also from neighboring counties as well. By sectors, the leading Holmes industries are Services, Trade/Transportation/Utilities, Public Administration, Financial Activities, and Communications.

Holmes’ rural countryside environment is ideal for home-based business, with the plenty of choices on affordable properties in the county. Sales listings in Holmes include not only single family homes and condos but also sprawling farmlands and ranches iconic of this county’s laid-back Florida environment.


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