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Jackson County, FL FAQs

Jackson County, FL

Jackson County is an ideal home-buying destination for folks fixated on a genuine Old Florida setting, as it is the state’s third oldest county and teems with historic sites and Southern folklore.  This county was established in 1882 and named after General Andrew Jackson who settled here after seeing its northern Florida area during the Seminole Wars.

Jackson has a total area of 955 square miles, about 4 percent or 37 square miles of which is water. The county’s original acreage stretches west to east from the Choctawhatchee River to Suwannee River. The states of Alabama and Georgia respectively border Jackson’s northern and eastern sides.  

There are 11 incorporated cities of varying sizes in Jackson County as well as some notable unincorporated areas. Among the latter is Two Egg, the hometown of Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway and an imagined mini-Bigfoot, the Two Egg stump-jumper.

Southern Charmer

Marianna is the county seat of Jackson and is also its largest city which has been officially declared as “The City of Southern Charm.” Its downtown underwent a meticulous restoration to showcase its historic district featuring several antebellum homes. Aspiring home buyers in Marianna would be glad to note that it is a walkable city and has been recognized as an official Florida Main Street town.

Caves, either water-filled or air-filled, are the natural assets of Jackson County which provide an endearing counterpoint to Marianna’s historic character. The most popular of these caves are located in the Florida Caverns State Park where public cave tours are offered. Equally alluring to tourists is the Hinson Conservation and Recreational Area featuring the Ovens, one of the county’s longest caves, which stretches to the Chipola River and the Alamo cave on the park’s four-mile nature trail. For cave divers, there are six popular spots at Merritt’s Mill Pond and Blue Springs Recreational Area.

A full appreciation of the county’s Spanish colonial years could be had with a drive-by tour of Jackson County Spanish Heritage Trail. It covers 150 miles and takes half a day to complete its 11 stops which include Blue Springs Recreational Area, a delightful destination for swimming, hiking, picnics and, with a county permit, scuba diving.

Bright Business Climate

Besides its enticing travel destinations, the rich potential of business and economy in Jackson County provides a push on its home market. Many enterprises have chosen to move to this county because it provides some of the best workers, incentives, sites and infrastructures. The county also offers modern infrastructure suitable for manufacturing and distribution ventures.

Jackson likewise parlays its superb location that makes it at the logistics crossroads of Northwest Florida, enabling business locators to move their products to target local market.

The Marianna Airport Park is one of the most promising industrial site in Jackson County. Its 237-acre of property sits adjacent to a local airport, making an excellent hub for manufacturers and distributors.

Single family homes, many of them affordably priced, dominate the housing market of Jackson County. Bargain-level manufactured houses are likewise options to consider when hunting for a residence in this county.


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July 2010 – A sinkhole has swallowed a car and forced 11 families to evacuate a building near the University of South Florida

March 2013 – A36-year-old man remains trapped under rubble from a sinkhole that collapsed the bedroom portion of home in Seffner. The hole was 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

Aug 2015 – A massive sinkhole in Florida, which had been filled in, has opened up again — bringing back nightmarish memories of when it swallowed a man two years ago.

November 2015 – A sinkhole opened in between two Seffner homes. The hole was 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep.

December 2015 – A Tampa-area park was closed after a sinkhole appeared in one of its roads.  The hole was 6 feet across and 90 feet deep.

July 2017 –  A sinkhole just north of Tampa swallowed and destroyed two homes and five other homes in the neighborhood were evacuated.

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