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Jefferson County, FL

Jefferson County is in the northwest part of Florida, a section often informally referred to as the Florida Panhandle. It is also distinctive as one of the counties in the state’s “Big Bend” region sitting on the arching shoreline of the Gulf where the Panhandle links with the Florida peninsula.

This county was founded in 1827 and named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, third U.S. president, who died a year prior to the county’s founding.

The area of Jefferson County totals 637 square miles with water bodies including the Aucilla River, Wacissa River and Lake Miccosukee accounting for 38 square miles. “Keystone County” is the moniker of Jefferson, being that its territory stretches north from Georgia southward to the Gulf of Mexico.

Unique Setting

It is the only Florida’s county with such a geographic setting that serves a magnet for many home buyers. With its unique location, the county sits between two major urban centers: Florida capital Tallahassee and Thomasville, the county seat of the Thomasville County in the state of Georgia.

The county seat and largest city of Jefferson is Monticello, which is only 23 miles east of Tallahassee. Notably, Jefferson is also approximately midway between to major seaports: Jacksonville, the northernmost among Florida’s ports and Pensacola, one of the state’s largest Gulf ports.

Recreational spots courtesy of Jefferson’s natural resources are very much part of the reasons why this county draws home buyers and makes residents stay for the long term. The county’s three major rivers for miles meanders through pristine marshlands and forests. The Wacissa River is a designated state canoe trail and joins downriver south with Aucilla and St. Marks as one emptying into the Gulf Mexico.

Millions of Monarchs Visit

Jefferson’s St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge is as alluring with its 9,000 acres of federally protected lands within the county alone. Migrating monarch butterflies by the millions make this vast reserve one of their final stops in their enthralling journey to South America. The county likewise is dotted by lakes and ponds, while at the same time offering a beach-based lifestyle in its southern Gulf Coast edge

Jefferson is also host to many well-organized leisure activities and a wide variety recreational facilities. These amenities include golf courses, tennis courts, city parks and campgrounds that traditionally count in checklists of prospective home buyers.

Ideal Home Choice

Reasonable real estate prices, low taxes and a low crime incidence combine with Jefferson County’s natural beauty and mild climate to further sharpen buying interest on the local home market. In its charming pastoral environment, the county offers residential communities that coexist with mini-farms, horse farms, large private hunting preserves, and large-acreage nursery, beef, dairy and crop farms.

Sprawling plantations nestle within the county as well, including the 8,100-acre Avalon Plantation owned by sports and media mogul Ted Turner of Atlanta. With its proximity to Tallahassee, county seat Monticello has increasingly grown to be one of the favored “bedroom communities” of folks working at the state’s capital city of Tallahassee.


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October 2010 – A sinkhole opened up near the southwest end of Lake Miccosukee. The hole was nearly 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep.

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