Lake County Sinkhole Map

Lake County Sinkhole Map

Number of Sinkholes 175

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Lake County Overview

Lake County is in a landlocked area in central Florida that home buyers with a yearning for water-based pleasures could still put on their wish list. A fulfilment of such desire is possible courtesy of the many lakes within the county, plus its extensive rivers.

Out of the county’s total area of 1,157 square miles, water accounts for 219 square miles or 18.9 percent of the county’s territory. One of the most prominent features of Lake County is the Harris Chain of Lakes spreading for more than 50,000 and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean via the Ocklawaha and St. John’s Rivers.

Unique geography

With such water resources, it was but logical for Lake County to be so named when it was created in 1887 from parts of Orange and Sumter counties.  It is likewise noteworthy that Lake County’s terrain markedly differs from the mostly flat Florida landscape. Lake County’s land area averages 184 feet above sea level which peaks at Sugarloaf Mountain, the state’s highest point at 312 feet above sea level.

As an added treat for local residents and visitors, the Ocala National Forest is borders Lake County on the north. This national forest features more than pristine woodlands but also spreads over a total of 383,573 acres to include ecological sites, natural springs and trails.

The seat of Lake County is Tavares, while Clermont is its largest city. The county’s other cities include Eustis, Leesburg, and Lady Lake. The latter is host to “The Villages”, the biggest planned U.S. retirement community with a population of over 100,000 residents.

Golden Triangle

Discriminating home buyers would typically focus their searches of residential properties in Lake County’s Golden Triangle Area. This prime real estate buying destination is composed of the cities of Tavares, Eustis, and Mount Doral.

The county seat, Tavares is now more than just the base of various government central offices and the county courthouse. It also now prides itself as America’s Seaplane City with its outstanding efforts to build and operate an airport/seaplane base.

For high-end waterfront living, the small city of Eustis is the place to be. It nestles along the eastern shore of the 7,000-acre namesake lake of this historic city. Many of Eustis’s neighborhoods were developed adjacent to the lake, and the city retains a small-town feel and friendly community atmosphere.

Muscle for businesses

Lake County has strong programs to attract business locators and strengthen job creation and enhance employment opportunities in its territory. Scattered across the county are offices of the Lake County Business Opportunity Centers. The services that these offices offer include training and consultation. Through these centers, Lake County is actively supporting small-scale enterprises.

Its central location provides a strong selling point for Lake County both to aspiring residents and business locators. The county’s central Florida location provides easy access not only to interstates and major highways, but also to seaports, railways, and international airports. Development of the county’s manpower gets a boost from several local institutions for higher learning, such as Lake Sumter State College, Beacon College and Southern Technical College.





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