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Lee County, FL FAQs

Lee County, FL

Lee County is located in the Southwest Florida region where the coastal areas teem with coveted residential communities. This county was established in 1887 and named after the general of Confederate Army, Robert E. Lee.

Water resources notably constitute over one-third of this county’s total area of 1,212 square meters. Prominent within its territory is the extensive stretch of the Caloosahatchee River as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

Fort Myers, which grew from one of the first U.S. military encampments during the 1830s American Indian Wars, is the seat of Lee County.  This county’s largest city is Cape Coral which was established in 1957 as a planned community within 120 square miles and turned out as the largest city between Tampa and Miami. The Metropolitan Statistical Area of Cape Coral–Fort Myers is also one of the Sunshine State’s largest.

Beach lovers’ haven

Prospective home buyers as well as tourists flock to Lee County, with its magnet of more than 50 miles of pristine white beaches stretching from the north in Boca Grande to Bonita Springs in the south. The most family-friendly among the county’s beaches could be found on Estero Island which has a gently sloping shoreline, thus giving this island the reputation of having the world’s safest beaches.

As many events that shaped Florida occurred in Lee County, it is also noted for several historical sites including many vintage residences. The county likewise offers exciting family adventures, such as those offered at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium in Fort Myers. Besides nature trails, its attractions include a freshwater aquarium, live-reptile exhibits, and a natural history museum plus a kid’s delight in star and laser-light shows at the planetarium.

For vintage homes, Fort Myers’ points of interest feature the winter retreats of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The city’s historic downtown waterfront has been renovated extensively, featuring new restaurants, nightclubs, arts and culture centers, and residential units. Notable venues for cultural events in the city include the riverside Centennial Park and the Yacht Basin.

Water-based pleasures

Water elements form an essential element too of living in Cape Coral. This city boasts of 400 miles of canals meandering around residential communities, waterways that far exceeds those found in Venice, Italy. Leisure activities that Cape Coral offers include not only boating and fishing but also golf and tennis.

Cape Coral is host to several commercial and manufacturing sites which has drawn many locators as a result of Lee County’s favorable business climate and reasonable labor costs. The county is a favored business destination owing also to its talented workforce and the high quality of life in its residential communities.

A vibrant lifestyle is likewise evident in Lee County’s Bonita Springs. Tucked between Naples and Fort Myers, this city flaunts master-planned, award-winning golf communities and waterfront residential developments. Its economic growth is humming smoothly too, thanks to the city’s commercial parks and business districts which all contribute to the superb quality of life in Lee County.


Lee County

Lee Government

Fort  Myers

Cape  Coral

June 2017 – A sinkhole appeared at the corner of Tournament Street and McGregor Boulevard near downtown

August 2017 – A sinkhole has been reported at Mohawk and 58th Pl. in Cape Coral.

October 2017 – A sinkhole opened near a manhole on Winkler Road between College Parkway and McGregor Boulevard.

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