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Levy County, FL FAQs

Levy County, FL

Levy County is located in north central Florida, and it remains largely rural even as this county was formed in March 10, 1845 just a week after the state was founded. Given its pastoral setting, Levy could easily land on the wish list of home hunters in search of buying destinations with a laid-back setting.

Named after prominent 19th century Florida politician David Levy Yulee, this county spreads over 1,413 square miles, of which land accounts for 1,118 square miles is and water 295 square miles. By one official estimate, Levy County is 92 percent rural and just 8 percent urban.

Levy’s county seat is the town of Bronson, and Williston is its largest city. Levy’s rural, low-density population is quite evident in Bronson with a population of just slightly over 1,000, as of a recent count. All in all, the county is home to just under 41,000 residents, a count which even declined during the 2000‒2017 period. Population at the county’s city of Williston, approaching the 3,000 mark, is notably rising though at a healthy clip of above 14 percent in one recent count.

Lightweight, but . . .

Though it may be viewed as a lightweight as compared to other Florida counties, Levy has some stand-out features, nonetheless. This county is touted as the No. 1 U.S. producer of farm-raised clams. One of its census-designated places, Cedar Key, holds the distinction of having one of Florida’s oldest harbor and having hosted the state’s first railroad depot.

At Cedar Key on the southwestern part of Levy on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, boating, fishing or touring local clam farms. On the flipside are visits to Cedar Key’s art galleries and arts center, as well partaking of the local cuisine featuring fresh seafood.  

Williston is as inviting, so much so that it has earned the reputation of being the gateway to Florida’s Nature Coast, an unofficial region of eight counties (including Levy, of course) that is a delight for its many natural wonders. Located inland on the eastern part of Levy, Williston boasts of a serene botanical garden with waterfalls and endearing wildlife to watch such as swans, owls, songbirds, butterflies, and turtles.

Chiefland is another noteworthy destination in Levy County. One of its main draws is the Dakotah Winery featuring a 20-acre vineyard. It has a wine tasting facility wherein visitors can sample Dakotah’s nine wines and relish the sights of a Koi pond populated by wood ducks.

Come-ons to real estate buyers

Aside from all these attractions, Levy’s selling point for its real estate properties include the County’s relatively low cost of living and more affordable land parcels, lots, rentals and home prices. Nonetheless, there are many high-end properties as well within this county, including low-density rural farms and large ranch acreages.

Real estate buyers eying opportunities at Levy County would typically find sales listings of land and farms priced at 67 percent below Florida’s average price. Because of this lower pricing land sales dominate the county’s real estate market, which is likewise a favorite stop for retirees seeking ways to maximize the benefits from their lifetime savings or nest egg.


Levy County
City data Bronson
Quick facts Levy
Census Williston
Online viewing Levy
Land and farm

July 2014 – A sinkhole in Williston formed underneath the police station and fire department.

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