Madison County Sinkhole Map

Madison County Sinkhole Map

Number of Sinkholes 9

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Madison County Overview

Madison County is located in the Florida Panhandle, the Sunshine State’s northwestern region bordering Georgia and Alabama.  This county was formed in 1827 and named after Founding Father James Madison. Its county seat and largest city is Madison named after Florida land-owner and pioneer Madison Livingston, donor of the first land parcel creating the city in 1838.

Home buyers whose preference leans on communities with an Old Florida will have excellent choices in Madison County. Its land area of 696 square miles is largely the domain of laid-back communities developed amidst a rural setting and natural assets.

Trails and Country Vibe

A state park, the Madison Blue Spring, is one of the popular destinations in the county. Visitors come here to enjoy its cool waters, hiking trails, and for the more intrepid divers, the park has underwater caves.

The Four Freedoms Trail is another pride for Madison County. This trail stretches for 12 miles from the city limits of Madison to the Withlacoochee River at the Florida‒Georgia border. Besides walking and biking, horseback riding is likewise enjoyable along this paved trail, which provides covered rest areas along the route.

Madison’s beautiful vistas and rolling hills close throughout the county could also be appreciated via its 97-mile biking loop that members of national cycling organizations have been touring for decades. This route starts and ends at the revered Four Freedoms Park in the city of Madison.

The loop covers many of Madison’s towns where there are designated rest stops for bikers. These destinations include the picturesque town of Greenville where Hayes Park provides a refreshing break to cyclists. The route’s northern stretch covers the Cherry Lake Crossroads where there is an option to ride around Cherry Lake which is flanked by many beautiful homes that are among the gems of the county’s real estate market. R&R for lake visitors is available on the lake’s north shore where there is a county park and a 4-H camp.

Education and Economy

The quality of living in Madison County, especially for young households, is further enhanced by the exemplary services provided by its school district. The district includes elementary schools in Pinetta, Lee, Greenville and Madison County Central wherein high school and middle school curricula are likewise offered. Twin Oaks Academy at Greenville also provides high school and middle school education in this district.

The city of Madison is also home of the North Florida Community College which has marked over 50 years serving the local community. Its campus is host to the Ladell Brothers Outdoor Environmental Center featuring a nature trail open for the enjoyment not only of the students but also visitors.

The economy of Madison County is founded on a large agricultural business base and complemented by retail, medical, service and professional businesses. Living in Madison County is likewise spiced up by several annual festivals, such as Hickory Grove Founders Day held each October. Residents can look back at the county’s history from the county’s museum and Madison’s dozen of structures over 150 years old.

Prospective home buyers in Madison can choose from a rich mix of single family homes as well as manufactured and mobile homes. Rarely available here are townhomes and condos, while vacant lots, farmlands and ranch spreads are plentiful.


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