Palm Beach County Sinkhole Map

Palm Beach County Sinkhole Map

Number of Sinkholes 6

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Palm Beach County Overview

Palm Beach County FL

Palm Beach County is located in the Atlantic coast of South Florida, which is one of the most popular destinations for home buyers. This is so considering that Palm Beach counts as one of the three counties that comprise the Miami metropolitan area, Florida’s most populous and the second largest metro area in the southeastern U.S.

Palm Beach, with a total of 39 municipalities, ranks as the third most populous county in Florida. West Palm Beach is the county seat and largest city. Other major population centers of this county include the cities of Boca Raton and Boynton Beach.

Named after one of its oldest communities, Palm Beach County was established in 1909 from a part of the then much larger Dade County. Some parts of Palm Beach were later split to form portions of the territories of some of its neighboring counties. These include Martin County to the north, Broward County to the south, and Hendry County to the west. The area of Palm Beach likewise extends west to a part of Lake Okeechobee, making this county also neighbors to the counties of Okeechobee and Glades.

Prime Florida Domain

The total area of Palm Beach currently measures 2,383 square miles, 17.3 percent or 413 square miles of which is water flanking the barrier islands and peninsulas that comprise part of the county. This prime domain has been particularly important in the development of the county’s incorporated town of Palm Beach and its neighboring cities such as West Palm Beach. These places along the Atlantic coast are host not only to various beach hotels and vacation resorts. They are also home to commercial and community developments widely popular as residential, and business destinations, thereby helping build up the county’s economy.

The economic growth of the town of Palm Beach aptly sums up the economic strength that the county has nurtured. The town is now considered as one of the wealthiest places in the U.S. and home to “Captains of Industry.”

Perks of Living

Quite appealing to new residents and business locators, the town has strict zoning standards, as well as high levels of public works services and public safety measures in place. Palm Beach likewise encourages residents to stay for the long term not only because of its historic preservation program. As appealing likewise are the miles of local beaches and a wide range of recreation programs and venues, including award-winning golf and tennis facilities.

These perks of living all well in place are complemented by the presence of big companies in Palm Beach County which generate sources of employment and create downstream business opportunities. Among these firms are The ADT Corp., TBC Corp., The GEO Group, NextEra Energy and Globalsat Group.

Notwithstanding the urbanization that commerce and industry has generously brought to Palm Beach, the county still has traces of its erstwhile small-town character. For such an ambiance, home seekers would be well advised to explore communities in its central areas and some small coastal communities. These locations are relatively more laid back, and much of their acreages are still devoted to agriculture for produce like vegetables and sugar cane.


Palm Beach County, Florida

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