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Pasco County, FL FAQ

Pasco County, FL

Pasco County spreads on the coast of Gulf of Mexico in the Tampa Bay area. It is the southernmost of the informal nine-county region called the “Nature Coast” on the Big Bend area stretching north to south from Apalachee Bay to Anclote Key.

This county’s land area totals 742 square miles which was drawn from part of Hernando County when Pasco was created in 1887. This country was named after Samuel Pasco who had just been elected U.S. senator then.

Pasco’s county seat is Dade City, one of its earliest towns. The largest city in Pasco is New Port Richey which is covered by the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area. The whole of Pasco itself is included the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Tampa Bay Area, and it is mainly a bedroom community for Tampa which is just south of this county.

Bounties of Nature

Pasco’s affinity with the Nature Coast is eloquently displayed in its over 100 square miles of managed recreational facilities, which include parks and nature preserves. The county too has bragging rights for its four artificial reefs, with one of them made up of sunk surplus military tanks. Pasco likewise boasts of more than 25 golf courses, in addition to three state-designated canoe trails.

Pasco County is an outdoorsman’s paradise with the broad range of nature-based recreational activities it provides. Hiking, horse riding and biking could be enjoyed in the pristine acreages and multi-use trails of the Starkey Wilderness Preserve. This vast nature preserve is comprised of the Starkey Wilderness Park, the Anclote River Ranch Tract and the Serenova Tract

For those passionate about fishing or kayaking, the choices include the mangrove paths meandering through Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park. Another choice is the Pithlachascotee River, which slithers along the James E. Grey Preserve and flows downstream through the downtown of New Port Richey on its journey toward the Gulf. While in the city, the delights extend to its vibrant Waterfront Bayou District where visitors can mix with residents at one of the many local restaurants for a drink, dinner, or some entertainment.

Ranking among the Best

Interestingly, Pasco takes its Nature Coast appellation to a different level in its 12 resort communities of naturists or nudists, considered as the largest and widest selection in all of North America. Choices on these clothing-optional communities in the county range from luxury resorts to low-key RV parks, which attract a motley of folks ranging from college kids to empty-nesters who have no qualms about baring it all.

Besides the tourism revenues generated by its natural attractions, the retail and health industries of this county are helping propel growth for its economy. Entrepreneurs are likewise contributors to the robust growth of Pasco that in one survey showed it as one the top 40 fastest growing counties in the U.S.

The county’s strength likewise emanates from its impressive manpower resources and the collaboration of the Pasco’s academe, the government and business and industry. A further boost comes from the superb quality of life offered in the county’s residential communities like those in Central Pasco that was rated in one poll as one of the best U.S. places to live in.


June 2012 – Susan Minutillo, 79, climbed out of her dark gray Mercury and saw the emergency trucks outside her house in Beacon Woods East. A sinkhole under the back half of her home began to collapse. Forty-five minutes later, half the house was gone

August 2013 – A sinkhole that’s about 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep opened west of Dade City. The hole was located in the rural area of where Jessamine and Jim Denney roads intersect, east of Interstate 75 and west of Dade City.

July 2015 – 6 homes were evacuated in Port Richey over possible sinkholes. The size of one of the depressions in Port Richey was estimated to be about 10 to 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep.

August 2016 – A 50 feet wide sinkhole opened in front of Hudson home. They discovered the sinkhole nearly 50 feet wide underneath the driveway and garage of a home on Mediterranean Court

July 2017 – A large sinkhole formed and swallowed two homes in a neighborhood in Land O’ Lakes and officials said it could take months to clean up all of the damage.

August 2017 – 7 homes condemned near massive Land O’ Lakes sinkhole that opened on July 2017 that swallowed two homes.

September 2017 – Pasco officials have closed Pebble Beach Circle in Bayonet Point after a possible sinkhole opened in a home’s yard. The hole was measured at 5 feet by 8 feet

March 2018 – A large depression has opened up beneath a home in New Port Richey, Florida

June 2018 – 15-foot sinkhole opened up in New Port Richey and 4 homes voluntarily evacuated. The depression opened up in the Moon Lake area of Pearl Drive. It was approximately 15 square feet and is about 10 feet deep in the backyard of two mobile homes.

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