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Putnam County, FL

Putnam County is located in Northeast Florida. It was created in 1849 encompassing a territory totaling 827 square miles, 99 square of miles of which are accounted for a stretch of the St. Johns River and by several lakes. These inland bodies of water include several sinkhole lakes like Lake Barco where unconsolidated surface deposits have sank into the porous limestone of the upper Floridan aquifer.

The county was named after a prominent 19th century Florida native, Benjamin A. Putnam, a lawyer-legislator, First Seminole War veteran, and the first president of the Florida Historical Society. Palatka is Putnam’s county seat and largest city that offers many residential communities to settle in as well as plenty of opportunities for life and leisure activities.

Riverfront Homes, Park

Palatka has several riverfront residential neighborhoods and is home to the 59-acre Ravine Gardens State Park listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Locals and visitors troop to this park in the first weekend of each March when it takes part in annual Florida Azalea Festival. At this time, the park’s nearly 100,000 Azaleas are in bloom to enliven the festival.

Besides its lush gardens and interpretive exhibits, this park’s amenities include a large, rentable covered pavilion, auditorium, and meeting rooms. It also features picnic areas, hiking trails, a 1.8-mile (2.9 km) paved perimeter loop road, and a parcours trail.

Just adjacent of the Ravine Gardens is another county pride, the public Putnam Golf Course. Established in 1925, the greens and fairways of the golf links serve as a refreshing backdrop to some residential neighborhoods nearby.

Palatka also attracts home buyers because it hosts the main campus of the St. Johns River State College which has two other locationsSt. Augustine and Orange Park. Florida’s first state-sponsored arts school, the Florida School of the Arts, is also housed within the St. Johns River College’s Palatka campus.

Industry Setting Rural

Although largely rural in character, Putnam County has also established itself as a destination for business and industrial enterprises.  Some of these locators are industry leaders in the pulp and paper, steel manufacturing, concrete pipe and ship building sectors like Veritas Steel and Georgia Pacific. The latter notably announced in 2017 over $400 million investment in the county to further grow its towel and tissue retail business for the national market.

The assets that Putnam extends to such ventures are founded essentially on the county’s strategic location and superior logistic infrastructures. The county, for instance, enjoys close proximity to major interstates and is nearly equidistant to major markets such as Daytona, Gainesville, Ocala, and Orlando. Putnam is likewise just 25 miles to the Atlantic coast and provides a well-equipped port at the St. Johns River.

Moreover, its municipal airport is expanding its capacity in order to accommodate larger aircraft and more flights. Three major rail lines, in addition, are serving Putnam.

Thousands of acres of developable Putnam land are still available for companies. Alternatively, locators can take advantage of the current industrial space totaling over 500,000 square feet already set in the county.


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