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Sumter County, FL FAQs

Sumter County, FL

Sumter is a county in north central Florida, tucked between the cities of Orlando and Ocala. With its territory drawn from the southern part of Marion County, Sumter was formed in 1853. The county’s name is in honor of a general in the American Revolutionary War, Thomas Sumter.

Sumter occupies a territory of 580 square miles, 547 square miles of which is land and the rest water including Lake Panasoffkee. The lake’s namesake surrounding area counts as one of the two census designated places in Sumter. The largest population center though is The VillagesÒ, a thriving retirement haven on the northern part of Sumter. The county’s seat is the city of Bushnell on the central part of Sumter, surrounded by the communities of Sumterville, Center Hill, Webster, Mabel, and Tarrytown.

Rural Charm

Despite the significant gain in Sumter’s population largely resulting from the high influx of retirees at The Villages, the county has retained plenty of rural charm. Anecdotal to this, Sumter still retains its long-time moniker “Hog County.” This nickname is thought to have been drawn from the county’s large wild hog population which are hunted as a popular pastime by local and visiting hunters in the more rural parts of Sumter.


Living or visiting Sumter, however, is more than just shooting wild pigs. The county offers plenty of water-based recreational activities, such as big bass fishing in Lake Panasoffkee and boating adventures in Sumter’s Green Swamp.

The county likewise boasts of its 62-mile Scenic Summer Heritage Byway which has been official designated as a Florida Scenic Highway due to its many points of interest. Notable along this route are the Sumter County Farmer’s Market, the Florida National Cemetery, and the Dade Battlefield State Historic Site.

Endearing Outdoor Activities

Sumter, as a whole, takes pride in its rich natural environment easily accessible from major urban areas. These destinations are ideal not only for fishing, canoeing/kayaking and biking/hiking but also ideal for other outdoor activities like camping, bird watching and sightseeing.

The county, in addition, features an active assortment of cattle ranches and working farms. Here, visitors can experience first-hand the endearing agricultural character of Sumter County and its wide variety of homegrown produce. Even in some Sumter cities, a rural charm remains woven within the urban environment. In Webster, for instance, visitors and residents have a front-row seat to one of the country’s oldest cattle auctions and the largest continuous flea markets in the U.S.

Retirees’ Delights

The VillagesÒ is a crown jewel too for Sumter County. This unique group of communities is touted as one of the most successful master-planned development for retirees in the United States. Much of its lifestyle revolves around the property’s golf courses, remarkable night life, and a kaleidoscope of shopping and dining experience.

Summing it up, Sumter is a wonderful place to live in and visit. It’s easy to connect with its amazing natural landscape of rivers, lakes, forests, preserves, parks, and farms. Such a connection is conveniently facilitated by Interstate 75, US Highway 301, and Florida’s Turnpike, extensive road corridors that f also bring Sumter within the sphere of the urban centers of Orlando and Tampa.


June 2017 – A scary sight in The Villages, where a sinkhole opened under a woman’s home located under a home on the 1300 block of Abercrombie way.

July 2017 – – A depression that started off as a small hole in The Villages has grown larger and has put residents on heightened alert.

March 2018 – Six apparent sinkholes in Florida have made at least two homes unsafe to occupy. The houses in The Villages were evacuated and condemned after multiple holes emerged between them, cracking the walls of one.

May 2018 –  Four sinkholes opened near several homes in The Villages in the same area where several sinkholes opened appeared about three months ago.

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