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Suwannee County Sinkhole Map


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January 2010 – A sinkhole opened up in Branford during a heavy rainfall, partially under a 280th Terrace mobile home.

McAlpin, FL
October 2012 – More than 50 sinkholes opened up in Chuck Matukaitis property in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Debby. One of them is believed to be the largest sinkhole in Suwannee County.

September 2013 – Flooding opened up countless sinkholes on Warren Street in downtown Live Oak.

November 2013 – Three sinkholes formed in the area at the Branford Wastewater Treatment Plant, draining treated wastewater contents of the plant’s percolation pond. The area is located one-half mile east of Branford High School, just south of CR 247 and 77th Road.

June 2017 –  A 15-foot long sinkhole has shut down portions of a road in 182nd Street between 129th Road and 137th Road as a safety precaution.

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