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Taylor County, FL FAQs

Taylor County, FL   

Taylor County is located in northwestern Florida within the Big Bend region of the Sunshine State.

This county was established in 1856 and named after the 12th U.S. president, Zachary Taylor.

Spreading adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, Taylor’s land area totals 1,043 square miles, while its water territory encompasses 189 square miles. Taylor’s largest city and county seat is Perry located in the central part of the county and about 50 miles east of Florida’s capital Tallahassee.

A Rising Star

The economic strength of Taylor County is drawn from its abundant natural resources and environmental assets. But although the county’s character remains largely rural, Taylor has committed to transform itself as “North Florida’s Rising Star” in the 21st century.

To achieve this vision, the county is leveraging several distinct advantages as a business location. These local attractions include large land parcels allotted for development under a master plan allocating 128,000 acres for mixed-use residential and commercial projects.

Additionally, Taylor’s economic road map ensures an effective and efficient pro-business environment wherein the government and private sectors pursue cooperation and synergy. The county’s development plans also parlays the wide-ranging local multi-modal transport facilities, and the excellent quality of life Taylor’s communities offer.

Growth Personified

Signs of Taylor’s economic objectives moving forward and its charming lifestyle working their magic are clearly manifest in the county seat Perry. The old buildings of the city, many of them idle, have drawn entrepreneurs who have repurposed the structures into charming restaurants and retail outlets. One of the notable transformations was city’s 1918 railroad depot which has been updated as mixed retail-office space.

These fresh initiatives add more zip to the existing points of interest in the city of Perry. Among these local delights include the unique Forest Capital Museum State Park which grew from Taylor’s reputation as the “Tree Capital of the South.” This showcase has been founded on the over a half a million acres of forest of the county and shares the region’s logging history and the thousands of products that the logging industry generates. As another tribute to logging’s heritage, Perry hosts the annual Florida Forest Festival each October.

Coastal Assets

The miles and miles of beaches on Taylor’s coastline along the Gulf of Mexico are likewise woven with the joys of living in the county. These coastal destinations are ideal for home buyers who favor a lad-back lifestyle, as for the most part, the county’s beach areas remains unspoiled and yet to be invaded by condos and hotels. Adams Beach and Dekle Beach are two of Taylor County’s pristine gems worth paying a visit or exploring for some rare real estate buying opportunities.

Another potential and more likely option comes in Keaton Beach, which is only about 2 miles south of Dekle. This community is already feeling ripples of growth with its marina and associated facilities nearby as well as a waterfront park with picnic pavilions and a playground.


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