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Sinkholes in Barren County, KY | Kentucky Sinkholes

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Sinkhole Count: 6218

Barren County, KY FAQs

About 77 percent of Kentucky’s bedrock, including in Barren County, is made up of limestone, shale, and sandstone. These minerals are water-permeable, leading to the formation of caves and sinkholes. The soil substructure in Barren ranges from a moderate degree of permeable bedrock in the county’s north to a high degree of permeability in the south. It’s wise to consult a geologist when considering buying a property in this area.

Parts of the Barren River Lake area, in the county’s southwest, has bedrock considered to have “severe” sinkhole risk. The Barren River and Barren Lake areas are also a FEMA designated flood zone. However, homes with lake views are considered luxury properties and sell for high prices.

There are two kinds of sinkholes. “Cover-collapsing” sinkholes can happen without warning, when a thin layer of soil gives way over an underground gully or cavity. The cavity develops over time, as permeable bedrock is worn away by water draining or flowing over it. Cover-subsidence sinkholes are caused by a slower process of erosion and usually lead to shallow depressions in the ground.

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