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Bourbon County, KY FAQs

Bourbon County, Kentucky, is a historic county known for its connection to the bourbon industry and rich cultural heritage.

  • Bourbon County was established on June 2, 1786, when Kentucky was still a part of Virginia.
  • It was named after the French royal family, the House of Bourbon, to honor their support during the American Revolution. The county played a significant role in the early development of Kentucky and the western frontier.
  • During the 18th and 19th centuries, Bourbon County was a major center for agriculture, particularly the production of corn, hemp, and tobacco.

What are its notable landmarks Bourbon County, KY?

  • Old Bourbon County Courthouse
    • Located in Paris, the county seat, the Old Bourbon County Courthouse is a historic building constructed in 1902.
    • It is an excellent example of Beaux-Arts architecture and serves as a symbol of the county’s rich history.
  • Hopewell Museum
    • The Hopewell Museum, also in Paris, showcases the history and culture of Bourbon County.
    • It features exhibits on local industry, including bourbon production, as well as displays of artifacts and artwork from the region’s past.
  • Duncan Tavern Historic Center
    • Situated in Paris, the Duncan Tavern is a well-preserved historic landmark.
    • Built in the late 18th century, it served as a stagecoach stop and later became an inn.
    • Today, it houses a museum dedicated to early Kentucky history and the pioneers who settled in the region.
  • Cane Ridge Meeting House
    • Located just outside of Bourbon County, the Cane Ridge Meeting House is a significant historic site.
    • It was here that the famous Cane Ridge Revival took place in 1801, which marked a significant event in the Second Great Awakening—a religious movement that had a lasting impact on American Christianity.
  • The Bourbon Trail:
    • The Bourbon Trail is a collection of distilleries and bourbon-related attractions in Kentucky, including several renowned bourbon distilleries located within or near Bourbon County.
    • It offers visitors the opportunity to explore the history and production of this beloved American spirit.

Bourbon County, Kentucky, offers a variety of recreational activities for both residents and visitors. Here are some popular options:

  • Horse Farms and Equestrian Activities
    • Bourbon County is known for its picturesque horse farms and its connection to the equine industry.
    • Horse enthusiasts can visit and tour renowned horse farms, witness thoroughbred breeding and training, and even go horseback riding through the scenic countryside.
  • Bourbon Distillery Tours
    • As the name implies, Bourbon County is closely associated with the production of bourbon whiskey.
    • Several distilleries in and around the county offer guided tours that provide insights into the bourbon-making process, history, and tastings.
    • It’s an excellent opportunity for bourbon aficionados to explore the local distilleries and learn about the region’s rich bourbon heritage.
  • Outdoor Recreation
    • Bourbon County is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities.
    • The area features parks, nature preserves, and trails where visitors can enjoy hiking, picnicking, bird-watching, and photography. Stoner Creek, which flows through the county, offers opportunities for fishing and canoeing.
  • Golfing
    • Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at one of the county’s golf courses. Courses such as Houston Oaks Golf Course provide a scenic and challenging experience for players of all skill levels.
  • Historic Tours
    • With its rich history, Bourbon County offers historical tours and visits to various landmarks, including the Old Bourbon County Courthouse and the Duncan Tavern Historic Center.
    • Exploring these sites allows visitors to delve into the county’s past and learn about the early settlement and development of the region.
  • Cultural Events and Festivals
    • Bourbon County hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
    • These events often celebrate the region’s heritage, agriculture, arts, and community spirit.
    • The Bourbon County Fair, for example, showcases agricultural exhibits, live entertainment, and fun-filled activities for the entire family.
  • Shopping and Dining
    • In the county seat of Paris, visitors can explore local boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes offering a range of dining options, including traditional Kentucky cuisine and farm-to-table experiences.

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