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Sinkholes in Edmonson County, KY | Kentucky Sinkholes

Edmonson County, KY Sinkhole Map

Sinkhole Count: 1843

Edmonson County, KY FAQs

Edmonson County, KY History

  • established on January 12, 1825
  • named after Captain John Jack Edmonson, a local military hero who died in the Battle of Frenchtown during the War of 1812.
  • The area that is now Edmonson County was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Shawnee and Cherokee.
  • European settlement began in the late 18th century, as pioneers arrived to claim land and establish farms.
  • Edmonson County was primarily an agricultural area, with farming and livestock playing significant roles in the local economy. The county also had a strong timber industry, as its forests provided abundant resources for lumber and other wood products. In the late 19th century, the completion of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad brought increased opportunities for trade and transportation.

Notable Landmarks in Edmonson County, KY

  • Mammoth Cave National Park: The most famous landmark in Edmonson County is Mammoth Cave National Park, which is located primarily within the county’s boundaries. Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system, spanning over 400 miles (640 kilometers). It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts visitors from around the globe who come to explore its unique underground formations and learn about its rich geological and historical significance.
  • Nolin Lake State Park: Nolin Lake State Park, located in northern Edmonson County, is a popular recreational area that offers opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, camping, and picnicking. The lake was created by the damming of the Nolin River and provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Historic Brownsville: Brownsville is the county seat of Edmonson County and is known for its charming historic district. The downtown area features well-preserved 19th-century buildings, including the historic Edmonson County Courthouse, which dates back to 1869. Brownsville’s historic district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and provides a glimpse into the county’s past.
  • Dinosaur World: Located in Cave City, just outside of Edmonson County, Dinosaur World is a family-friendly attraction that features life-size dinosaur replicas and exhibits. Visitors can explore outdoor trails and learn about various dinosaur species through interactive displays and educational activities.
  • Green River Ferry: The Green River Ferry, operated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, provides a unique transportation experience for travelers crossing the Green River. The ferry, which has been in operation for over a century, offers scenic views of the river and surrounding landscapes.

Here are some popular recreational activities in the area:

  • Exploring Mammoth Cave National Park: As a significant portion of Mammoth Cave National Park is located in Edmonson County, visitors have the opportunity to explore the world’s longest known cave system. The park offers guided tours of various lengths and difficulty levels, allowing visitors to witness the unique underground formations and learn about the cave’s geological and historical significance.
  • Hiking and Nature Trails: Edmonson County and the surrounding areas feature scenic hiking trails that cater to various skill levels. From easy walks to challenging hikes, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the region, including forests, streams, and panoramic views. Trails like the Green River Bluffs Trail and Cedar Sink Trail provide opportunities for outdoor exploration.
  • Fishing and Boating on Nolin Lake: Nolin Lake, located in northern Edmonson County, is a popular destination for fishing and boating enthusiasts. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including bass, catfish, crappie, and bluegill. Anglers can cast their lines from the shore or venture out onto the water in boats, canoes, or kayaks.
  • Camping and Picnicking: Edmonson County offers camping and picnicking facilities for those who wish to spend time outdoors. Nolin Lake State Park provides campsites equipped with amenities such as water and electricity, as well as designated areas for picnicking and grilling. It’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy nature, relax, and bond with family and friends.
  • Wildlife Watching and Birding: The natural landscapes of Edmonson County are home to a diverse range of wildlife. Visitors can indulge in wildlife watching and birding activities, spotting various bird species and observing native animals in their natural habitats. The quiet and peaceful environment of the county offers excellent opportunities for nature enthusiasts.
  • Scenic Drives and Photography: Edmonson County boasts picturesque scenery, particularly along its country roads. Visitors can take scenic drives, capturing beautiful views of rolling hills, farmland, and rural landscapes. Photography enthusiasts can capture the natural beauty of the area, including sunrises, sunsets, and seasonal changes.
  • Hunting: Edmonson County offers hunting opportunities for those with proper licenses and permits. The county’s forests and fields provide habitats for deer, turkey, squirrel, and other game species, making it a destination for hunting enthusiasts during designated seasons.

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