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Estill County, KY FAQs

Estill County, KY History

  • established on January 19, 1808
  • named after Captain James Estill, a notable frontiersman who was killed in a skirmish with Native Americans during the Revolutionary War.
  • The area that is now Estill County was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Cherokee and Shawnee. European settlement began in the late 18th century, as pioneers arrived to claim land and establish farms.
  • Estill County played a significant role in the early days of Kentucky’s history. It was located in the heart of the Kentucky wilderness, where settlers faced hardships and conflicts with Native American tribes. The county was a site of skirmishes during the War of 1812 and the Civil War, with local residents actively involved in both conflicts.

Notable Landmarks in Estill County, KY

  • Estill Springs: Located in Irvine, Estill Springs is a historical site and natural spring that has long been a destination for those seeking its reputed healing properties. The springs attracted visitors for their alleged therapeutic benefits and were a popular resort in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Red River Gorge Geological Area: A portion of the Red River Gorge, a popular natural attraction, extends into Estill County. This rugged and scenic area offers stunning rock formations, hiking trails, and opportunities for camping, rock climbing, and rappelling. The Red River Gorge is known for its unique natural beauty and attracts outdoor enthusiasts from around the region.
  • Estill County Historical Museum: The Estill County Historical Museum, located in Irvine, preserves and displays artifacts, documents, and photographs that depict the history of Estill County and its people. The museum provides insights into the lives of early settlers, local industries, and significant events in the county’s past.
  • Kentucky River: The Kentucky River runs along the eastern border of Estill County, providing recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking. The river played a crucial role in the county’s early development, serving as a transportation route for goods and connecting Estill County to other parts of the state.
  • Civil War Sites: Estill County has several sites that played a role in the Civil War. White Hall State Historic Site, located just outside of Richmond, was the home of Confederate General Cassius M. Clay and is now a museum showcasing the history of the Clay family and the Civil War era. There are also Civil War markers and historical sites throughout the county that commemorate local involvement in the conflict.

Here are some popular recreational activities in the area:

  • Hiking and Camping: Estill County is home to beautiful natural areas, including parts of the Red River Gorge Geological Area. The Red River Gorge offers numerous hiking trails that range in difficulty, allowing visitors to explore scenic landscapes, rock formations, and waterfalls. There are also camping opportunities available, with designated campgrounds and backcountry camping options.
  • Fishing and Boating: The Kentucky River, which runs along Estill County’s eastern border, provides opportunities for fishing and boating. Anglers can try their luck catching various fish species such as bass, catfish, and crappie. Boating enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and small motorboat activities on the Kentucky River.
  • Wildlife Watching: Estill County’s natural areas are home to diverse wildlife species. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy birdwatching and spot various bird species, including raptors, songbirds, and waterfowl. Additionally, the county’s forests and streams offer opportunities for observing native wildlife such as deer, turkeys, squirrels, and other small mammals.
  • Rock Climbing: The Red River Gorge is a renowned destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. With its sandstone cliffs and challenging routes, climbers from around the world visit the area to test their skills. There are guide services available for beginners and experienced climbers alike.
  • ATV Trails: Estill County has designated ATV trails that cater to off-road enthusiasts. Riders can explore designated trails and enjoy the thrill of off-road adventure in a scenic setting.
  • Hunting: Estill County offers hunting opportunities for various game species, including deer, turkey, and small game. Hunters can participate in regulated hunting seasons and follow the guidelines set by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
  • Local Events and Festivals: Estill County hosts various events and festivals throughout the year that provide recreational and entertainment options for residents and visitors. These events often include live music, food vendors, arts and crafts, and other family-friendly activities.

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