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Harlan County, KY FAQs

History of Harlan County, KY

  • Harlan County was established in 1819
  • named after Silas Harlan, a prominent pioneer and soldier.
  • The area that is now Harlan County was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Cherokee and Shawnee. European settlers began to arrive in the late 18th century.
  • Harlan County’s history is closely tied to coal mining. The region’s vast coal deposits led to the development of mining towns and the influx of industrial activity during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • The coal mining industry in Harlan County played a significant role in the American labor movement, as the county became the site of numerous labor disputes and strikes, including the famous Harlan County War of the 1930s.

Notable Landmarks in Harlan County, KY

  • Black Mountain: The highest peak in Kentucky, Black Mountain, is located in Harlan County. Rising to an elevation of 4,145 feet (1,263 meters), it offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area and is a popular destination for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Harlan County Coal Miners Memorial: Located in downtown Harlan, the Coal Miners Memorial pays tribute to the coal miners who labored in the region and honors those who lost their lives in mining accidents. The memorial features statues and plaques that commemorate the mining heritage of Harlan County.
  • Portal 31 Exhibition Mine: This former coal mine, located in Lynch, has been transformed into a museum and tourist attraction. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the history of coal mining and experience what it was like to work underground.
  • Kingdom Come State Park: Situated in the eastern part of Harlan County, Kingdom Come State Park offers beautiful natural surroundings and recreational opportunities. The park features hiking trails, camping facilities, picnic areas, and a small lake for fishing and boating.
  • Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club: Harlan County’s rugged terrain and extensive trail system make it a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts. The Ridge Runners ATV Club maintains a network of trails that allow visitors to explore the county’s scenic landscapes while enjoying ATV riding.
  • Harlan County Historical Society: The Harlan County Historical Society operates a museum in downtown Harlan that showcases the history and culture of the region. The museum exhibits artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide insights into the county’s past.

Here are some recreational activities available in Harlan County, KY

  • Hiking and Nature Exploration: Harlan County is known for its scenic beauty and abundant natural areas. Visitors can explore numerous hiking trails that traverse the county’s forests, mountains, and valleys. Places like Black Mountain, Kingdom Come State Park, and the Pine Mountain Trail provide opportunities for hiking, wildlife observation, and nature photography.
  • ATV Riding: Harlan County’s rugged terrain makes it an ideal destination for off-road enthusiasts. The county has designated ATV trails and areas, such as the Ridge Runners ATV Club trails, where visitors can enjoy ATV riding and experience the thrill of exploring the backcountry.
  • Fishing and Boating: Harlan County has several lakes, rivers, and streams that offer fishing and boating opportunities. Anglers can try their luck catching a variety of fish species, including bass, trout, and catfish. Boating, kayaking, and canoeing can be enjoyed on waterways such as Martins Fork Lake and the Cumberland River.
  • Camping and Picnicking: Harlan County provides camping facilities in its parks, including Kingdom Come State Park and Martins Fork Lake. Visitors can set up tents or park their RVs, enjoying the tranquility of nature. Picnic areas with scenic views are also available for family gatherings and outdoor meals.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The diverse ecosystems of Harlan County provide habitats for various wildlife species. Visitors can engage in wildlife watching activities and birdwatching, keeping an eye out for deer, turkeys, eagles, and other native wildlife.
  • Cultural and Historical Exploration: Harlan County has a rich cultural heritage and a history deeply connected to coal mining and the labor movement. Visitors can explore museums, such as the Harlan County Historical Society Museum, to learn about the county’s past. The Portal 31 Exhibition Mine offers a unique opportunity to experience a simulated underground coal mine tour, providing insights into the region’s mining history.
  • Festivals and Events: Harlan County hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, offering recreational and cultural experiences. These events often celebrate the county’s Appalachian heritage, music, crafts, and local traditions. The Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area hosts off-road events and competitions for outdoor enthusiasts.

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