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Sinkholes in Lee County, KY | Kentucky Sinkholes

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Lee County, KY FAQs

History of Lee County, KY

  • Lee County was formed in 1870 from portions of Breathitt, Estill, Owsley, and Wolfe counties
  • named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
  • Native American tribes, including the Shawnee and Cherokee, inhabited the area before European settlers arrived.
  • In the early 19th century, explorers and pioneers, such as Daniel Boone, ventured into the region. They were followed by settlers who established homesteads and farms.
  • Coal mining played a significant role in the county’s economy during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The industry brought jobs and economic prosperity to the area.

Notable Landmarks in Lee County, KY

  • Natural Bridge State Resort Park: Natural Bridge, located partially in Lee County, is a notable landmark and one of Kentucky’s most famous natural attractions. It features a stunning sandstone arch that spans 78 feet and stands 65 feet high. The park offers hiking trails, scenic overlooks, camping facilities, and other recreational activities.
  • Red River Gorge Geological Area: The Red River Gorge, located within Daniel Boone National Forest, is a scenic and rugged area that spans multiple counties, including Lee County. It is known for its towering cliffs, unique rock formations, and hiking trails. The area offers opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and wildlife viewing.
  • Lee County Courthouse: The Lee County Courthouse, located in the county seat of Beattyville, is a historic building that reflects the county’s past. The current courthouse was built in the early 1900s and is an architectural landmark in the town.
  • Three Forks of the Kentucky River: The Three Forks of the Kentucky River, located near Beattyville, is a significant geographic feature. It marks the point where the North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork of the Kentucky River converge. The area offers scenic views and recreational opportunities, including fishing and canoeing.
  • Historic Sites: Lee County has several historic sites that provide insights into the region’s past. These include old coal mining sites, pioneer cemeteries, and remnants of historic structures. Exploring these sites offers a glimpse into the county’s history and the lives of early settlers.

Here are some of the recreational activities available in Lee County, KY

  • Hiking and Nature Trails: Lee County is home to the renowned Natural Bridge State Resort Park, which offers numerous hiking trails of varying difficulty levels. Visitors can explore the stunning sandstone arch of Natural Bridge and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding forested landscapes. Other hiking trails in the area include those in the Red River Gorge Geological Area, which features rugged terrain and beautiful rock formations.
  • Rock Climbing: The Red River Gorge in Lee County is a popular destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. The area offers a variety of challenging cliffs and rock faces suitable for climbers of all skill levels. Many climbers are drawn to the unique sandstone cliffs and the stunning views from the top.
  • Camping: Natural Bridge State Resort Park provides camping facilities for visitors. The park offers both primitive and developed campsites, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. Camping is also available in other parts of the Red River Gorge, providing opportunities for overnight stays in the wilderness.
  • Fishing: The Kentucky River and its tributaries, such as the Red River, provide fishing opportunities in Lee County. Anglers can try their luck catching a variety of fish species, including bass, catfish, and panfish. Fishing is also available in some of the lakes and streams within the county.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The Kentucky River and the Red River offer scenic waterways for canoeing and kayaking. Visitors can paddle along these rivers, enjoying the tranquility of the water and the beautiful surroundings. Canoe and kayak rentals are available in some areas.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Lee County’s natural landscapes are home to a diverse array of wildlife. Nature enthusiasts can observe birds, mammals, and other wildlife species in their natural habitats by exploring the parks, forests, and waterways.
  • Scenic Drives: Lee County offers scenic drives along its winding country roads, allowing visitors to appreciate the rural beauty of the area. These drives provide opportunities to explore the countryside, admire the landscapes, and perhaps encounter local farms and historic sites along the way.

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