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Barry County, MO FAQs

Yes. Our database has in-depth information about the sinkhole locations for all Missouri counties, including Barry County. Please sign up as a member to access this data.

Barry County is located in Missouri, known for having many sinkholes. Even though the department has documented and reported roughly 16,000 sinkholes in Missouri, more likely exist throughout the state. Check out our resources page for more details.

A sinkhole occurs when groundwater erodes softer rocks like carbonate rock, limestone, or salt beds, and an underground cavern is formed. As the cavern grows, the surface above it eventually gives way, bringing a chunk of Earth’s “crust” typically circular. Barry County, Missouri, is located in a region where this phenomenon is common, so the county is rife with sinkholes.

The United States Geological Survey estimates that about 20% of the United States is at risk for sinkholes. Sinkholes are most destructive in Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Other vulnerable areas include Florida, Texas, and Alabama.

Before investigating natural explanations, you should investigate possible human causes. Some sinkholes result from broken underground pipes (contact your local utility company for assistance). In contrast, others result from the collapse of old construction pits or other subterranean materials.

You can rule out human interference if you suspect a natural explanation for your sinkhole by doing any of the following:

  • Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage caused by natural sinkholes but check your policy to be sure.
  • Contact your utility provider if you have any concerns about disruptions to your gas, electric, water, or sewage services.
  • If you need help locating your state’s geological survey, call them. They know the geology of your region better than anyone else and may be able to shed light on why a sinkhole is opening up there. Many states’ official websites feature dedicated “sinkhole reporting” pages.
  • Professional geologists and geotechnical engineers can help you determine what’s happening and how to fix it.

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