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Boone County, MO FAQs

Some areas in Boone County that are known to have a higher concentration of sinkholes include the northern and western parts of the county, which are underlain by the Burlington-Keokuk Formation. Sinkholes may also be more common in areas where surface water and groundwater flow is concentrated, such as along streams and rivers, or where land use activities such as farming or development have altered the natural drainage patterns.

Sinkholes in Boone County, MO, or other states like Florida, Kentucky or Pennsylvania can be dangerous and potentially deadly if precaution is not practiced. Sinkholes occur when the ground beneath the surface collapses or is eroded, creating a depression or hole. Sinkholes can form suddenly and without warning, posing a risk to anyone near or on top of the affected area.

The severity of a sinkhole depends on various factors, such as its size, depth, and location. Some sinkholes may be relatively small and pose little danger, while others can be massive and deadly. In Boone County, MO, sinkholes have been reported, and caution should be taken if you come across one.

If you encounter a sinkhole, it is essential to stay away from it and any surrounding areas that may be at risk of collapse. Keep in mind that sinkholes are often unforeseeable and can form quickly, destabilizing an evenly stable ground. It is always best to exercise caution and seek advice from local authorities on how to proceed.

Southeast of the point where Interstate 70 crosses the Missouri River in western Boone County, the largest recorded sinkhole in Missouri spans roughly 700 acres. Although records about depth are not maintained, we do know that some wells are deeper than 100 feet.

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