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Maries County, MO FAQs

History of Maries County, MO

  • Maries County was established on March 2, 1855, and was named after the Maries River, which flows through the county.
  • The region was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Osage peoples.
  • European settlement began in the early 19th century, and the county’s economy was primarily based on agriculture, particularly farming and livestock raising.
  • During the Civil War, Maries County experienced both Union and Confederate sympathies, leading to conflicts in the area.

Notable Landmarks in Maries County, MO

  • Maries County Courthouse: The county seat of Maries County, Vienna, is home to the Maries County Courthouse, an impressive historic building.
  • Belle Historic District: The town of Belle, Missouri, has a designated historic district that showcases the town’s architectural heritage.
  • Maries County Museum: Located in Vienna, this museum preserves and showcases artifacts and exhibits related to the county’s history and culture.
  • Boeuf Creek Nature Area: Situated in Maries County, this conservation area provides opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and nature observation.
  • Maries County Memorial Airport: While not a historic landmark, the county’s airport serves as an important transportation hub for the community.
  • Maries County Fair: The annual Maries County Fair, held in Vienna, celebrates the area’s agricultural heritage and offers a variety of events and activities for residents and visitors.

Here are some of the recreational activities available in Maries County:

  • Fishing and Boating: Maries County has several lakes, rivers, and streams that offer opportunities for fishing and boating. Anglers can try their luck catching a variety of fish species, and boaters can enjoy leisurely rides on the water.
  • Hiking and Nature Walks: The county has parks, conservation areas, and natural trails that offer opportunities for hiking and nature walks. Visitors can explore the local flora and fauna while enjoying the scenic landscapes.
  • Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing: Maries County’s diverse habitats attract a variety of bird species and wildlife, making it an excellent destination for birdwatching and wildlife observation.
  • Camping and Picnicking: Maries County offers campgrounds and picnic areas in various parks and recreational areas, providing opportunities for camping trips and outdoor meals with family and friends.
  • Hunting: During appropriate seasons, hunting is permitted in designated areas of Maries County, providing opportunities for hunters to pursue game such as deer, turkey, and small game.
  • Photography: The scenic landscapes and natural beauty of Maries County provide excellent opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture stunning images.
  • Local Events and Festivals: Throughout the year, Maries County hosts various community events, festivals, and fairs that offer recreational and entertainment options for people of all ages.
  • Scenic Drives: Maries County’s rural setting allows for leisurely drives along picturesque country roads, making it a relaxing activity for visitors.

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