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Pulaski County, M FAQs

History of Pulaski County, MO

  • was established in 1833
  • named after the Polish Revolutionary War hero, Count Casimir Pulaski, who fought alongside American forces during the American Revolutionary War
  • The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Osage and Delaware, before European settlers arrived.
  • During the Civil War, Pulaski County was a strategic location due to its proximity to the Missouri River and its role as a transportation route.
  • It saw significant military activity and was a site of several skirmishes and battles. The Battle of Waynesville took place in the county, leaving an impact on the region’s history.

Notable Landmarks in Pulaski County, MO

  • Old Stagecoach Stop: Located in downtown Waynesville, the Old Stagecoach Stop served as a rest stop and a stagecoach relay station in the mid-19th century. It now functions as a museum, providing insight into the area’s history and transportation during that era.
  • Route 66: A portion of the famous historic U.S. Route 66 passes through Pulaski County. This iconic highway played a crucial role in connecting the eastern and western parts of the United States, and travelers can still find some original stretches of the road and nostalgic landmarks along the way.
  • Fort Leonard Wood: Established in 1940 during World War II, Fort Leonard Wood is a major U.S. Army training installation situated in Pulaski County. It is known for its training of engineers, military police, and chemical corps personnel. The fort has significantly contributed to the local economy and culture.
  • Richland Pioneer Heritage Center: This museum showcases artifacts, documents, and exhibits that depict the history and heritage of Pulaski County and the surrounding region.
  • Pulaski County Courthouse: The county courthouse, located in Waynesville, is an excellent example of late 19th-century architecture and serves as an essential historic landmark in the area.

As of my last update in September 2021, here are some of the recreational activities available in Pulaski County, MO

  • Outdoor Exploration: Pulaski County boasts numerous parks, nature reserves, and conservation areas where visitors can go hiking, birdwatching, and nature spotting. Maramec Spring Park and Boiling Spring Campground are two popular spots for outdoor exploration.
  • Fishing: With several rivers, lakes, and streams in the area, fishing is a favorite pastime for both locals and tourists. The Gasconade River and the Big Piney River are well-known for their fishing opportunities, attracting anglers seeking a peaceful day on the water.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The Big Piney and Gasconade Rivers also offer excellent opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Adventurers can paddle through scenic landscapes and enjoy a relaxing float trip.
  • Camping: Pulaski County provides various camping options, from primitive camping in nature reserves to established campgrounds with amenities. This allows outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and enjoy a night under the stars.
  • Off-Roading: For those seeking more adrenaline-filled activities, there are off-road trails available for four-wheeling, ATV riding, and dirt biking in designated areas. Some trails are open to the public, while others may require permits.
  • Hunting: Pulaski County offers hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, and other game species during the appropriate seasons. Hunters must adhere to Missouri’s hunting regulations and obtain the necessary permits.
  • Golfing: There are golf courses in the county, such as the Piney Valley Golf Course, where visitors can enjoy a round of golf amidst picturesque landscapes.
  • Historic Exploration: Pulaski County has a rich history, and visitors can explore historic sites, museums, and landmarks to learn about the region’s past.
  • Geocaching: Geocaching enthusiasts can participate in this modern-day treasure hunt by using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches throughout the county.

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