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Sinkholes in Bedford County, PA | Pennsylvania Sinkholes

Bedford County, PA Sinkhole Map

Sinkhole Count: 1996

Bedford County, PA FAQs

Bedford County, PA

Bedford is one of the most popular counties in Pennsylvania. With a population density of 48/square miles, it offers a beautiful and undisturbed stay for its residents. It was formed from the Cumberland County, way back in 1771. Over the years, Bedford County has been known for its rich geology and natural features.

Natural Wonders

Bedford County takes pride in being a natural wonder in Pennsylvania. It is a home to the Evitts Mountain. Apart from that, you would also find the Tussey Mountain which is a ridge structure in Pennsylvania. Finally, the Blue Knob forms the highest mountain range in the Bedford County and its height is estimated at 3120 feet.

Additionally, you could also find Morrison Cove, a beautiful valley region, spanning across entire central Pennsylvania. This gives us an idea of how geographically diverse this county proves to be.

Amenities in Bedford County

One of the primary concerns for moving into a new place would be looking into the amenities. Are there sufficient facilities nearby that could provide decent living conditions? Let us find out!

  • Healthcare: There are a number of different healthcare options available to the residents of Bedford County, in and around the area. Bedford hosts medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes, eye clinics and laser centers. Backed by a skilled medical staff, as a resident, you would never be worried about the medical facilities in this county.
  • Education: You would find 17-20 public schools in and around Bedford County, spanning different education levels, from elementary school to middle school and finally high school. There are also a number of different private schools available. The Allegany College of Maryland is the most popular and the nearest university-level of education provider in Bedford County.
  • Transportation: Bedford County is connected via a large network of highways. This makes transportation within the county and to its neighboring counties rather convenient. There are also a number of different transportation companies to provide intra-county travel here. Apart from that, the Bedford County Airport is another value addition.

Recreation in Bedford County

There are three broad recreational centers or parks in Bedford County. These include the Blue Knob State Park. It is part of the All Seasons Resort. This also receives some snowfall during the winter months. The Shawnee State Park is home to a huge warm water reservoir. Finally, the Warriors Path State Park is a forested park that comes with a lot of historical significance. The Tenley Park is the final cherry on the cake with a playground and hiking trails.

Housing in Bedford County

Living in Bedford County, you could either rent an apartment or buy a country house for your family. You could get homes worth $70,000 for 3-bedroom apartments as well as opt for fully-furnished homes reaching up to $350,000.  The choice of the house would depend on the family in question. Rest assured, Bedford country has access to all the important amenities within short distances.

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