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Blair County, PA FAQs

Blair County, PA

With a population of a little more than 125,000, Blair County is one of the more beautiful counties in Pennsylvania. It is a great place to live in.

It has a decent and reasonable cost of living, 13% lower than the national equivalent, which makes it affordable for most people. Add to that, it has great scenic views, all thanks to the nearby mountains.

The county also takes pride in its historical significance over the last few centuries. Even though the economy tends to be a little weak, the recent job growth in the Blair County market is positive. All of these aspects together make Blair County good to live in.


There are a total of 8 public schools in this county of 527 square miles. The list for the private schools in unending. On an average, each public school spends about $11,952 on each student. Every teacher in Blair County could be tagged to about 15.9 students.

The Penn State Altoona is the most popular college in this area. In addition, there are quite a few technological schools and colleges, community colleges and the likes. The central library system hosts a total of 8 libraries across Blair County.

Housing in Blair County

Apartments in Blair County are on rent for as low as $600 per month. For College Park apartments, the rent can go down even lower to about $400 a month. The fancier houses are more expensive and can cost $1,200 and above as monthly rent.

Similarly, houses go out on sale starting from $90,000 and can go much higher, based on the size and locality. The median home price in Blair County is about $116,200. Considering the fact that the home appreciation rate increased by 2.4% recently, it is a good time to be investing in Blair County houses right now.

Transportation and Commute

Blair County is host to a total of 13 major highways. Hence, this county is well connected across its length and breadth, along with its neighbouring counties. In fact, the average commute time in Blair County is a whopping 19 minutes. This is pretty interesting, as compared to the national average of 26 minutes. 83% of the total people prefer to travel in their own cars here. Also, 9% of the residents opt for carpool.

Things to Do

Blair County never fails to keep its residents and tourists busy with a list of fun places to visit. There are a number of spots to visit in and around the county. The Pennsylvania State Park tops this list. Tracing its roots back to 1979, it is also known as Canoe Creek State Park. It takes pride in being the largest nursery of brown bats. Spread out across 658 hectares, this is one of the popular tourism places. Apart from that, the residents could also take time out to visit the Neil Armstrong Planetarium, the Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks, the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center and the likes. All of these put together, Blair makes for one interesting place to be living in.


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