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Bucks County, PA FAQs

Bucks County, PA

Pennsylvania has many counties to boast of and Bucks is one of the most beautiful of them. Going back to 1682, Bucks was one of the three counties that were originally created by William Penn. The name is inspired by the Buckinghamshire County in England.

Interestingly, Bucks County was actually much bigger than what it is today. Over the course of the last few centuries, a number of different counties like Northampton County and Lehigh County were formed from part original Bucks County, hence reducing Bucks in size.

The climate in Bucks, Pennsylvania

Bucks County has a climate that is well-suited to habitation. To describe it in the simplest of terms, this county experiences hot summer season, coupled with humidity and a cold winter season. The humidity does prove to be a bit of a discomfort during the hot months. July or August experiences the warmest months with temperatures in the range of 82-86 degree Fahrenheit. The moderately cooler climates are noticed in January and February when the temperature is in the range of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Economy in Bucks

Bucks County has always been home to industrial centers ever since the early twentieth century. Vulcanized rubber and plastics prove to be the dominant forces in this regard. This is followed by the chemicals industry. Interestingly, Bucks County is currently going through a massive growth in the field of biotechnology and more and more people are joining this industry.

By 2020, it is estimated that one in every four people would be involved in the biotechnology world and find their employment there. Tourism is another important part of the economy here. Owing to the natural sceneries and the specific colonial history, a lot of people flock to this part of Pennsylvania and this opens up the avenues for tourism.

Housing in Bucks

Bucks promises affordable living to all its residents. There are a total of 40 low income housing complexes that are available to all. This consists of more than 2400 apartments for rent and sale. However, if you want to get yourself something more lavish, a good house is available from $150,000 in Bucks. This price can go up to the late $400,000 based on your preferences. Apartments for rent can start for as low as $1000 a month.

Things to do in Bucks, Pennsylvania

Bucks County is popular for its list of recreational parks. These include the Delaware Canal State Park, Neshaminy State Park, Nockamixon State Park, Ralph Stover State Park and Tyler State Park. Bucks specializes in its attempt to conserve natural resources.  This is evident in its list of county parks, hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and a number of different nature centers. If you are a nature lover, Bucks will never fail to please you. The Washington Crossing Historic Park is a 500 hectares park, which is well known for its historical significance.


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