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Centre County, PA FAQs

Centre County, PA

If you are planning to buy a land or home in Pennsylvania, then Centre Country is one of the prominent places you can look upon. This county dates back to the year 1764 and was discovered by James Potter. It was named after its central location in the state of Pennsylvania. The Centre County Pennsylvania is an appropriate place to live in for families as well as retirees who are looking out for some solace in life.


Climate in the Centre County is pleasant throughout. It rains once in a while but the humidity is not very troublesome and it is not too windy. So, it is overall a perfect place to be in. Even though, sometimes the climate becomes extreme hot, it is not bothersome.


The economy of the county is evenly distributed among various industries like manufacturing, retail, educational services, mining, quarrying, agriculture, fishing, oil and gas extraction, hunting, forestry and many more.

The current unemployment rate is around 4.7% and the job growth is 0.92% and it is predicted that in the next 10 years, it is going to be 37.15% approximately.  The home ownership is in the rate of 61% and cars owned are about 2 cars per household. Thus, it is very clear that the people of Centre County, Pennsylvania have a high standard of living.


There are a lot of houses available for rent and on sale in this Country at reasonable prices and at prime locations. Depending on your budget, type of requirement, choice of locality and purpose of stay, you can easily settle in Centre Country.


Centre County would not disappoint you when it comes to providing quality education. Currently, the county has 25 private schools which serve 1.896 students. Additionally, the student: teacher ratio in the county is 12:1, and more than 55% of the schools are either Amish or Christian.


Centre country provides amazing comfortable shopping opportunities for visitors and tourists alike. From Nittany Lion gear to other gift items, the county has various clothing stores, malls, and local artist gallery for you to shop conveniently from.


When it comes to amenities, Center county has plenty of them. From transportation to medical healthcare, social services, chaplain services, beauty salons, outdoor gardens, dietary services, laundry services and all – Center county provides enough options for you to choose from.

Things to Do

There are people who wish to settle in Centre Country with the purpose of living a relaxing life so there are quite a number of woodlands and wetlands to look out for. If you are looking out for some thrill and adventure, there are ample opportunities of camping and hiking among the wild flora and fauna and some caves and botanical gardens too for the added experience.

Overall, the Centre County, Pennsylvania is a perfect place to buy your next home if you are looking out for some breathtaking, relaxing, luxurious as well as a budget friendly experience.


Centre County

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