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Chester County, PA FAQs

Chester County, PA

Chester is known for its rich past. It is the oldest city of Pennsylvania and was incorporated in the year 1682. Previously it was owned by an Indian tribe, Okehockings and was called as Mecoponaca. Later in 1702, they were removed from the land by the order of William Penn and Mecoponaca was renamed as Chester. Chester was a very popular place for tobacco plantation which was operated by the European colonists who settled in the city in the early 1640s

Location and Climate

At present Chester is the largest city in Delaware County and is bordered by the Delaware River in the Southern part. The well-known Chester creek meets Delaware River in Chester and the northwestern border of Chester is defined by Ridley Creek.

The total area of this city is 6.0 square miles of which 1.2 square miles is water and 4.8 square miles is land. It experiences a subtropical climate as its elevation is low and it lies between Philadelphia and Wilmington.

Most part of Chester is inhabited by African American followed by Whites. Among others, it includes Hispanic or Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Native Hawaiians, Pacific islanders and other minor races.

What to Lookout For?

This city of Chester is known for its black and white architecture which is very characteristic. Among the common places to visit in Chester, there are many churches and old structures. Some of which includes the Asbury AME Church, Chester Courthouse, Chester Rural Cemetery, Crozon Theological Seminary, Madison Street Methodist Episcopal Church and many more.

These monumental and architectural structures depict the different eras and ages. Chester is known for its race course and racing history. Horse racing is one of the leading attractions of this city. Its newly constructed race track, the Harrah’s Philadelphia, is one of the leading and popular places to visit in Chester. It was constructed in 2008 and since then a lot of races which were previously held in other racing tracks in the county are held here.

On the other hand, the Philadelphia Union is one of the leading soccer teams and Chester is home of the league. The Talen Energy Stadium is located at the base of the Commodore Barry Bridge on the Delaware River and is a part of a Rivertown.

Why Chester?

Other than being a city rich in its cultural heritage and owning a rich historical past, Chester at present has a lot of schools and beautiful recreational centres, parks, and a well-connected transport system. Furthermore, there are a number of properties available on rent and are up for sale at a very reasonable price.

It is very easy to own or rent a property in this city and own a luxurious life along with it. So if you are planning to move, Chester should definitely be one of the top localities on your list. It is reasonable; it is beautiful and convenient for all.

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