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Clinton County, PA FAQs

Clinton County, PA

Clinton County in one small county in Pennsylvania with a population of less than 40,000 people. Being a beautiful region, it attracts a lot of visitors.

Also, considering the fact that its cost of living is 15% lower than the country’s average, it might be a rather good and affordable place to be living in. Besides, real estate and living conditions are pretty decent here that make it a good choice to move in with family.

Cost of Living

Let us start with focusing on the cost of living in this small but beautiful county. As compared to the standard of living in the United States, the living costs in Clinton is significantly lower, by around 15-20 %.

This trend is the same across different sectors like groceries, healthcare, housing facilities, transportation and the likes. However, when it comes to utilities, Clinton has a slightly higher living cost as compared to the national average; but it is still lower than the average in Pennsylvania.


As we keep saying, living and housing costs in Clinton County are significantly lesser than that of USA. In this regard, a typical studio apartment is available for $500-$550 per month on an average. A one bedroom apartment is also available in the same range. Two bedroom houses, on the other hand, are available at around $700-$750 per month in this county.

When you move to most other parts of the country, the same will cost you around $1,000 on a monthly basis. If you are moving to this county with your family and need a lavish four bedroom apartment, it would cost you around $1,000 a month, which is quite reasonable in this country.

Even considering other counties in Pennsylvania, Clinton stands out as being an affordable place for renting or purchasing property.

Health and Healthcare Facilities

If you want to have healthy living conditions, Clinton County could be your ideal choice. According to the National Air Toxic Assessment, Clinton’s air quality is measured at 76. This is quite an impressive number when the US average stands at 58 only. When it comes to water quality, Clinton stands out amongst the other places as well. It boasts of a water quality index of 100.

This ensures that the living conditions here are healthy and safe. Coming to healthcare facilities, there are three major hospitals and medical facilities in and around this county. These include the Bucktail Medical Center, Katherine A Glennon Health Center and Lock Haven Hospital. For every set of 100,000 people in Clinton, there are a total of 94 physicians.


The transportation in this part of Pennsylvania is dominated by self-driven cars and carpools. 90% of the residents bank of these two options for their daily commuting options. People also prefer to walk here. The average commute time in Clinton County is about 23 minutes. A small fraction of the people prefer to stay indoors and work from home for most part of the year.




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