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Cumberland County, PA FAQs

Cumberland County, PA

Cumberland is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. This county’s economy is on the rise and the job market growth is positive. Over the next 10 years, the job growth is predicted to grow at a rate of 40%.

The city amenities and the location are its highlights. People do prefer to live in Cumberland, partly because the unemployment rate here is lower than the country’s average. The huge industrial and residential areas both create a very habitable environment here.

Climate in Cumberland

One of the first questions that people ask when they are looking to move to a new place is, how is the weather like there? The climate in this county is mainly characterized by sunny days, with a decent amount of precipitation. The highest temperature in the year rests in the mid-80 degree Fahrenheit while the lowest touches the early twenties.

On an average, Cumberland’s precipitation is higher than what the country gets. This comes in the form of both rainfall and snowfall. In general, the weather here is fairly comfortable for the residents.

Health and Environment in Cumberland

The air quality index in Cumberland is ranked at 59. This gives us an idea about the possibilities of respiratory illnesses and cancer. This is higher than the US average and thus is more favorable for living conditions.

On the other hand, the water quality index here is a little alarming, ranked at 40, as compared to the national average of 55. This has direct connections with the safety of drinking water here.

Talking about the health services, for every 100,000 people in this county, there is a total of 258 physicians which speaks volumes of how much they focus on healthcare facilities. Some of the renowned hospitals here include Carlisle Hospital, Gettysburg Hospital, UPMC Pinnacle West Shore, Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital and the likes.

Cost of Living in Cumberland, PA

Overall, the cost of living in Cumberland is almost the same as the average in the US. However, living in this county would mean you would be spending a lot more on the utilities and transportation aspects.

On the brighter side, real estate here is a lot more affordable as compared to the rest of the United States. A studio or a one-bedroom apartment is available at $600-$700. However, a proper 5-bedroom family apartment, on an average, costs more than $1,214, which is still comparatively lower than the country’s average.

Job Market

As we mentioned earlier, the job growth in this part of Pennsylvania is pretty much on the rise. While the unemployment rate is quite low, the future projected job growth is very high. Management and Science attract the most number of college students here and also are the most rewarding fields of study.

Surprisingly, the per capita income in Cumberland is $32,179 which is higher than the country’s $28,555. This proves to be a big positive for this county. The average household income of $61,417 is also significantly high here.



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