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Dauphin County, PA FAQs

Dauphin County, PA

Formed in the late 18th century from the Lancaster County, Dauphin has been known for its historical location. It has been one of the most popular locations for the east coast transportation system. As a result, it has been providing easy and smooth access to the east US markets, which makes Dauphin an important name in business and industrial activities.

Living here is quite an adventure. It has the perfect mix of all kinds of lifestyles. It features sporting activities, cultural events, entertainment and has a lot of historical significance. It’s the perfect place to live, conduct business and enjoy your spare time.

Things to do

As a tourist or a resident, one would find a number of things to do in Dauphin.

For starters, you could spend your time visiting some of the famous vineyards and wineries in this part of Pennsylvania. They not only allow you to taste the products but also walk you through the process and the agricultural heritage of this place.

Dauphin also offers a lot for people who love to visit museum and take a walk down history. Be it the PA State Capitol Building, the Hershey Museum, the Fork Hunter Mansion & Park and the likes, there is plenty on offer here. You could also visit the National Civil War Museum and live through American history.

Outdoor activities are also common in Dauphin. You could spend your time going camping in the different campsites in and around the county, coupled with some hiking and biking activities. The Roundtop Mountain Resort is a fascinating name in this regard.

If you want to spend some peaceful time visiting some of the state and local parks, you would come across names like Wildwood Park, Detweiler Park, Little Buffalo State Park, Steelton Skate Park and the likes.

Cost of Living

On an average, Dauphin’s cost of living is lower than the country and Pennsylvania average. However, when it comes to utilities and transportation, Dauphin ranks higher than the average in USA.

A typical studio apartment would cost around $600. This increases to $700 for 1 bedroom apartments. The larger family apartments of 4 bedrooms are available for $1214 on an average.

Festivals and Celebration

Dauphin is a huge county and the residents know how to celebrate! There are special events and festivals taking place throughout the year. The Maple Sugar Festival is one of the favourites, revolving mainly around the process of making maple sugar.

The Wetlands Festival aims to celebrate the wetlands in this part of the county through a number of educational and fun activities.

There are special events taking place under the flagship of Sunset Movie & Music Series bringing alive evening movies and musical performances in lawns. On a similar note, the Music and Wine Festival invites a lot of music and food lovers together.

With the mountains nearby, the prime location and the amenities, Dauphin proves to be a great place to live in with family.


Dauphin County

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