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Franklin County, PA FAQs

Franklin County, PA

Franklin County was initially a part of Lancaster County, followed by Cumberland County. It came into existence as an individual county in 1784. This county is named after Benjamin Franklin, who was the founding father.

Franklin County proves to be a very exciting and attractive place for both tourists and residents. Let us take a look at how Franklin County is a great place to live in.


  1. A place of history: Franklin County is a place which is rich in history. If you are keen on learning about battles, battlefields, history homes and the likes, this is the ideal place for you.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables: Franklin County is known for its extensive farming activities. While you are here, you can enjoy the freshly grown fruits, vegetables, bakery products, fresh local cheese and the likes.
  3. Hiking tours: This beautiful county presents quite a pretty picture for adventure lovers. You could embark upon a number of hikes along the Appalachian Mountains or in one of the natural parks here.
  4. County festivals: If you are looking to experience some culture and heritage in this part of Pennsylvania, you can enjoy a lot of these county festivals. For instance, the IceFest proves to be quite an interesting place to visit in the cold winter months. On the other hand, you could also visit Bloom, another festival that celebrates the end of the cold season.
  5. Golf courses: You could also take a tour of the golf courses in Franklin County and engage in the sport yourself. These courses are known to be more than a hundred years old.
  6. Local activities: While you are enjoying your stay here, you could engage in local activities like hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and the likes. There are plenty of these opportunities in this county.

Thus, Franklin County presents quite a few interesting things to do in here.


When it comes to working in this county, there are a few industries and professions that come out on top. These include retail trade, manufacturing operations, and farming activities, which applies to hunting, fishing, and forestry and agricultural functions.

Healthcare and related services also feature an important role in the work environment of this county. The unemployment rate of Franklin County is 5.2%. However, recently, the job market has grown by 2.4% per year, which is higher than the country’s job growth rate.


When it comes to shopping and marketing, Franklin Center is the most popular choice here. It has a wide range of shops to cater to the requirements of the residents. The Chambersburg Mall is another common name in this segment.

Conveniently located near a lot of major highways, this mall was established in 1982. Next up is the Southgate Shopping Center which is located very close to the Shippensburg University and provides a range of options for the shoppers to choose from.


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