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Fulton County, PA FAQs

Fulton County, PA

Fulton is a beautiful, yet small county located in Pennsylvania. As of 2015, the population count here was 14,629. This makes it the fourth least-populated county in this region.

However, in spite of being small, Fulton has much to offer. It was originally a part of Bedford County, but later in 1850, it established itself as an independent county.

Things to do

As a tourism spot, Fulton provides you with a range of things to engage in. This is true for both tourists visiting this county, as well as residents hopping around Fulton. These are some of the most popular places here.

  • Cowans Gap State Park

This is the perfect place for all adventure lovers. This is going to keep all the visitors engaged and active throughout the day. It features a huge 42-acre lake with different sites for camping and spending the weekend.

The family cabins add to the charm of this place. It features activities like swimming, hunting, hiking, skiing, fishing and the likes.

  • Great Cove Golf Club

If you are a golf-enthusiast, then this is the ideal place for you to spend your free time. This is an 18-hold park amidst the woods in the hills and provides the perfect, peaceful place to indulge in a day of golf.

  • Saunderosa Park

Saunderosa is yet another adventure park. It forms the perfect family picnic place. There are different campsites to engage in, accompanied by a pond to highlight the beauty of this place. To add to it, there is also a miniature golf field.

  • Historic Burnt Cabins Grist Mill

This is one of the most historic and iconic places in Fulton. In general, it engages in the production of cornmeal, buckwheat, flour and the likes. However, its importance lies in the fact that it is noted as a historic place in the National Register.


Fulton is not only about enjoyment and merriment. When it comes to education and schooling facilities, one of the necessities of every family, Fulton is quite active in this regard.

There are a total of eight public schools. Even in a county as small as Fulton, one would find more than 2,100 students in these schools currently.

  • Elementary schools

There are three elementary public schools in Fulton County. These include the Forbes Road Elementary School, the Mcconnellsburg Elementary School, and the Sourn Fulton Elementary School. Each of these schools feature around 200-600 students at a time.

  • Middle schools

The middle school section of Fulton’s education is dominated mainly by Mcconnellsburg Middle School, featuring about 200 students.

  • High schools

There are four distinct high schools in Fulton. These include the Forbes Road Junior Senior High School, Fulton County Avts High School, Mcconnellsburg High School and Sourn Fulton Junior Senior High School. Each of these features between 150 and 400 students.

Apart from these, there are a total of 5 private schools in Fulton, covering the different grades. But, most of the parents prefer the public schools to the private ones here.


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