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Huntingdon County, PA FAQs

Huntingdon County, PA

Bored of your present city? Planning to move on and have a change of air? Huntingdon would not disappoint you.

Created in 1787, Huntingdon is a part of central Pennsylvania. The county was built from the northern part of Bedford County and certain parts of Cumberland County on the east. The county lies almost in the center of Pennsylvania and is known for its scenic beauty. It also comprises of the Metropolitan statistical area.

Why Settle in Huntingdon?

The answer lies in the lush fields and the vast greenery. Huntingdon’s beauty is breathtaking and attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year.  

Further, Huntingdon boasts of its climate as well. It has an easy climate such that people can come from different places and settle in Huntingdon easily. It has a maritime based climate and thus there are hardly any instances of extreme temperature here.

The warmest average of the area turns out to be 29.7 degrees Centigrade. The coldest minimum went as low as -16.1 degrees centigrade. It has a rainfall of about 555mm a year and it can be said that it is one of the driest places in the US. The wind speed and the humidity are not too high, thus making it a very habitable place as a whole.


The town of Huntingdon has a picturesque beauty with all its grasslands and the meadows. It covers an area of 2765 hectares and has a population density of 5493.1 persons per mile.

The Huntingdon is sparsely populated and has a total count of 7,060. The median age here is 31, which reveals that the county is inhabited with a lot of young people.

Education and Literacy

The literacy rate in the locality in high and it is rich in culture and tradition. The different areas are well-connected by transport. There are ample recreation centers, clubs and the like. Further, the county has enough schools and libraries which make it a very good place for both families and retirees to come and settle.

The prices to be paid for property are very inexpensive and there is ample number of properties available in the markets at a varied range of prices with different facilities.

So if you are planning to move and settle down in a new locality, Huntingdon should definitely be one of your top choices, taking into account the fact all the features it comes along with.

Dining and Food

Huntingdon has plenty of places wherein you can dine and eat. Some popular fast food outlets include the likes of Subway, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Kitchen.

The county has enough of grocery stores and casual dining options as well.

Cost of Living

Huntingdon is quite affordable to live. The median income here is $37, 768 and the median home value amounts to $117, 800. Further, 46.1% people live in homes owned by them, while the other 53.9% people live in rented homes.

Additionally, the median property rent is affordable too and amounts just $506





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