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Lancaster County, PA FAQs

Lancaster County, PA

Located in the south-central part of Pennsylvania, this county is fondly called as the Pennsylvania Dutch County. With a total of more than 542,903 people, this is quite a popular county in Pennsylvania. All thanks to the range of tourist spots.

The county started getting occupied from the early 18th century. This can be attributed to its mild climatic conditions. Set up as Pennsylvania’s fourth county, Lancaster County derives its name from its English namesake. Known to be a very diverse county, Lancaster is a very habitable place.


Lancaster County provides a rather comfortable environment for living here. There are three major flourishing industries in Lancaster.

A major part of the county’s economy comes from the manufacturing industry with a little more than 17% of its workforce being engaged in this sector. This place is home to some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, Lancaster is also strong when it comes to agriculture. With its 5,293 farms spread across half of the county’s lands, it has some of the most fertile lands in the United States.

Tourism also holds quite a significant position in the county’s economy. It established itself as a popular tourist in Pennsylvania when a travel article in the New York Times attracted more than 25,000 visitors to this county. The 29 covered bridges in Lancaster prove to be quite the attraction.


With a total of 16 public schools in this county, Lancaster is quite promising when it comes to providing quality education. Add to that, there are various a popular private schools and renowned colleges like Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, and Eastern Mennonite University which guarantee better education prospects. You can also have access to well-developed boarding schools.

Further, Lancaster also houses a special library system that comes with 14 member libraries.


Baseball is the most common and popular sport in the Lancaster County. There are professional baseball leagues that keep the residents occupied. In fact, this county is known to hold its rivalry against neighbouring York County.

Lancaster is also famous for its women’s soccer team and frequent games are held here. Apart from that, football and basketball are widely played in this county.


Shopping knows no end in this beautiful county of Pennsylvania. The Lancaster Central Market, established in the 18th century, is one of the most popular shopping destinations.

The Carriage House Furnishings provide you with sufficient resources to build and decorate your home. The love for candies can bring you to Miesse Candies Downtown Shop & Factory in Downtown Lancaster.

Things to Do

Downtown Lancaster is popular for its list of fine dining and hotel options. It gives the residents the real feel of the county. Dutch county cuisine is the most famous choice here. The county also takes pride in its history and culture.

There are various museums to visit here. The Landis Valley Museum, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania are some common names in this regard. The picturesque bridges can also keep the residents and tourists occupied.  


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