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Lebanon County, PA FAQs

Lebanon County, PA

With a population of about 25,000, Lebanon is one of the small but beautiful cities in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1740, this city was home to a lot of native tribes like Shawnee, Lenape, and the likes. Lebanon was also popular for its major steel mill.

Education in Lebanon

Lebanon has a well-flourished educational department. There are a total of three public schools here. These include the Lebanon School District and the Cornwall-Lebanon School District.

In addition to these public educational centers, there are also four private schools in this city. Talking about higher education, the students in Lebanon can go to the Lebanon County Career and Technology Center or even the city campus of Harrisburg Area Community College.

Housing in Lebanon

Lebanon takes good care of its residents. This extends to the provision of housing and other basic facilities. The Lebanon County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities provide housing application forms, for family housing, as well as elderly housing.

The residents could get all the information and help about housing in Lebanon right from this place. Apart from that, one could also resort to apartments and buildings for rent or for sale.

A typical 1 bedroom apartment could be available for rent for as low as $600-$800 a month. On the other hand, larger homes, with 3 or more bedrooms, could start their rent at $1,000 to $1,200 a month.

Another option would be to purchase homes that range anywhere between $1, 60,000 and $3, 50,000, based on your requirement. The housing options available here are well-suitable to full families, bachelors, as well as retired people.

Markets in Lebanon

Lebanon will give you an access to a number of different flea markets for regular shopping needs. The Stubborn Dutchman Flea Market is the most popular destination in this regard. The Lebanon Farmer’s Market is spread across 30,000 square feet with an aim to provide farm-produced items to the residents in a very safe environment.

There are also quite a few other markets in this city that will give you all the necessary products for the household.

Things to do in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

You would never run out of places to visit or things to do in Lebanon. The Stoy Museum is one of the most popular places in this city. Tracing its roots back to 1773, it worked as Dr. William Henry Stoy’s residence and then the first courthouse of Lebanon. This museum showcases exhibits from the 19th and 20th lifestyle. There are quite a few guided tours for the residents and visitors.

The Hauck Memorial Library is another such place. Even though it is situated right inside the Stoy Museum, it is known for Genealogy and history. This will give you records of churches, directories, documents, photographs and the likes.

Another popular place in Lebanon is the Union Canal Tunnel Park. This forms the oldest existing transportation tunnel. Spread out across 109 acres, the tunnel proves to be a National historic landmark in Lebanon.


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