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Lehigh County, PA FAQs

Lehigh County, PA

Lehigh County derives its name from its location in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. It was created in the early nineteenth century when Northampton County was broken up into two. However, the inhabitants started settling in the Lehigh County around 1730. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing counties observed within Pennsylvania.

Geographically, this is also one of the most beautiful counties in this area. This is all because it has the Blue Mountain as its northern boundary and the South Mountain as its southern boundary. Coupled with the Lehigh River and its tributaries and the mountains, Lehigh presents quite the sight for its residents.

The Climate in Lehigh County

Typical of any county in this region, Lehigh also has a very hot and humid continental climate. This is characterised by rather hot summer days and cold winters. On the other hand, the spring and fall seasons tend to be mild and very comfortable.

When it comes to rainfall, it is pretty much uniform throughout the year. On an average, each month gives us eight to ten wet days. In contrast, snowfall is rather fluctuating. While some years see a lot of snowfall in the winters, the other years tend to be dry.

Education in Lehigh County

One of the reasons why Lehigh County proves to be an interesting choice for families with children is the high quality and level of education here. In and around the county, one has access to nine major public school districts including the likes of Allentown School District, Northern Lehigh School District, East Penn School District and others.

Apart from this, there are a number of public charter schools and private high schools. Taking higher education forward in this region is a list of four 4-year colleges including the famous Cedar Crest College. Also, there are 2-year colleges focussing on art and technical education.

Transportation in Lehigh County

Lehigh County is well-connected within itself and with its neighbouring counties. This is all thanks to the 15 highways running through the county. In general, the most popular mode of transport here is the public bus. This is made available through the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority.

There are also a number or private buses that ply through the county. This makes the place connected to Atlantic City, New York, and other places. Apart from that, the county is served by a couple of airports. These include the likes of Lehigh Valley International Airport and Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport.

Things to do in Lehigh County

Lehigh never fails to amaze its residents and visitors. The Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is the ideal place for adventure lovers. It hosts a number of rides and water slides.

In the same context, the Trexler Nature Preserve presents hiking and mountain biking experiences. The Lehigh Valley Zoo is another interesting name in this regard. Spend a day amongst the kangaroos, crocodiles, and cockatoos. The Liberty Bell Museum proves to be good for people who love history.


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