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Lycoming County, PA FAQs

Lycoming County, PA

Lycoming County proves to be one of the most balanced counties in Pennsylvania. While the people stress a lot on education including public and private schools and libraries, there are a number of recreational places to visit as well.

The geography is dominated by the Appalachian Mountains and the Alleghany Plateau. The county is well-connected within itself and with adjacent counties via the highways. The Williamsport Regional Airport and the Jersey Shore Airport are the only two airports in this area.


One of the first things that people focus on while moving to a new place is the set of shopping places. Lycoming County gives you all the requirements in different stores. Patinaz is one such interesting name in this regard. This is a small boutique and specializes in silver and gold jewellery.

When it comes to general clothing, TJ Maxx provides a wide range of apparel for both men, women, and kids. Otto Bookstore is ideal for people who enjoy a regular read. Apart from these names, there are a lot of other places you could go shopping.


Lycoming County never compromises on the residents’ healthcare choices and solutions. Some of the big names in the hospital sphere include Divine Providence Hospital, Williamsport Hospital & Al & Medical Center, Divine Providence Hospital, and the likes. Healthcare and nursing facilities are well developed here.


Lycoming County has a slightly higher unemployment rate; however, this is neutralized by the fact that the county is expected to experience a growth of over 32% in the next 10 years. The average income here stands to be $23,531.

In Lycoming County, the most popular occupation and industry are the healthcare social assistance fields. This is followed up by the retail trade industry and the manufacturing industries. There are some other developing industries in Lyoming County as well. These include the transportation industry and educational services and the likes.

Cost of living

In this context, finding a place to stay in Lycoming County is not that difficult. Apartments and houses can be hired at rather reasonable prices within this county. The price for a typical 2-room apartment lies in the range of $600 to $800. In addition, you could also rent out an entire house. The lower range of this price remains the same, while the upper range extends to $2000 as well! These prizes are for typically 2 or 3 bedroom houses.

Things to do

For taking a day out and enjoying the time, Lycoming Count provides a number of different places to visit. There are three major state parks in and around Lycoming County. These include the Little Pine State Park, Susquehanna State Park, and the Upper Pine Bottom State Park.

In addition to these places, there are two parts of the Pennsylvania state forests that form a part of Lycoming County. These include the Tiadaghton State Forest and Loyalsock State Forest. For a nature lover, Lycoming County could be an absolute treat to the eyes.


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