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Mifflin County, PA FAQs

Mifflin County, PA

Mifflin is a rather small but beautiful county in Pennsylvania, USA. Its total population is approximately 46,000 people. It derives its name from the first ever Governor of Pennsylvania, Thomas Mifflin.

English is the primary language in this county, even though some communities still engage in Pennsylvania German. There are two major public school districts here, namely the Mifflin County School District and the Mount Union Area School District.

This is supported by a list of four private schools and colleges like Mifflin-Juniata Career and Technology Center and the Penn State Learning Center.


Mifflin might be a small county, but it has much to offer to both its residents and visitors. Here is how you can spend your weekends in Mifflin.

  • Mccoy House: This was the house of the famous General Frank Mccoy who had played a part in the Spanish American war. This house now serves to retell the stories of this famous personality. In addition, there are some rooms that are dedicated to telling the stories about the history and heritage of Mifflin County.
  • Asher’s Chocolates: This is one of the most popular destinations in Mifflin County. In here, Asher’s chocolates are handcrafted and there are tours organized to display the process and the insides of the factory.
  • Lincoln Stone: This place honors the soldiers and wars in the county. This is a marble stone from the original tomb of President Abraham Lincoln. This forms a part of the Civil War Memorial.

Apart from these particular places, Mifflin provides some breath-taking views for its people. You could spend a day simply by driving along the back roads, past the mountains and valley regions. The residents often take time off to visit the top of Jack’s Mountain and enjoy the views from up there.


Sports and games do feature in an important role in this county. Football is probably the most popular sport in this part of Pennsylvania. The Penn State Football Team thus garners a lot of attention from the people here.

Most of them take to football during their high school days. However, there is another sport that proves to be gaining popularity over the last few years. Basketball for boys and girls is being followed by a lot of people now. Apart from this, wrestling is another popular sport. Along with this, you would also find a lot of interest in girl’s hockey here.


Going across the county, you would come across a number of different shopping destinations. The Mifflin County Commons is the most popular of them all. The Greater Lewistown Plaza is also a popular name in this regard and people flock to this place on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you are looking for grocery stores, you could have access to Wilson’s Meats & Groceries, the Giant Food Store, the farmer’s market in Chase Farm and the likes. Overall, Mifflin provides solutions to all your shopping and marketing needs across the county.


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