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Montgomery County, PA FAQs

Montgomery County, PA

Being the third most populated county in the United States of America, Montgomery is a very diverse place. It lies in the suburbs of Philadelphia and thus a lot of its family livelihood and a part of its culture comes from Philadelphia.

Montgomery is known to put a lot of stress on the education of its young ones. Apart from that, a particular education organization here teaches parents about the development of a child’s brain and forms a popular centre for brain-injury treatments.

Homes in Montgomery

For anyone moving to this county, Montgomery does have a lot in store in the real estate sector. The homes are suitable to both single residents and families, across various budgets. One can get an apartment on rent for as low as $700 here and can go as high as $2,000 or more!

On the other hand, if you have a more comfortable budget with you, you could invest in buying one county house. A typical 2-bedroom house can start as low as $200,000. The price also depends heavily on the exact location of the property. Likewise, there are various apartment and house listings within the county.


One of the primary concerns for any family moving to Montgomery, Pennsylvania is the possible avenues for education. Montgomery boasts of hosting the highest percentage of high school pass outs within Pennsylvania, with the number standing tall at 94%. It also has the lowest school dropout rate. Business is the most common choice of subject for higher educational purposes.

In and around Montgomery, there are a total of 23 public school districts, along with many more private schooling institutions. Apart from that, one would have access to colleges with science, business, and arts. There are also a couple of night schools present to help working people pursue higher education.

Things to do in Montgomery

Montgomery never fails to amaze its residents. There are a host of things one can engage in, within and around this county. The Elmwood Park Zoo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. This is a small zoo area that hosts 300 indigenous species of the American continent. There is a lot more in store. The Evansburg State Park is one such place. Along with preserving nature in its purest forms, this park also 18th century buildings.

The Valley Forge National Historical Park is a history lover’s delight. This presents tours of the revolutionary war site. For the adventure enthusiast, outdoor activities are quite popular here. Biking, zip lining, snow sports are some of the well-known names here. Apart from these, there are art galleries, museums, churches and a number of other places to visit.

Transport in Montgomery

Moving around in this populated county is not much of a problem since it has 26 major highways going through it. There are a number of different public buses connecting the different corners of the county along with routes extending to the neighbouring counties. This makes commuting a comfortable task for the residents.


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