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Northampton County, PA FAQs

Northampton County, PA

Northampton County is supposedly one of the very popular counties in Pennsylvania and is one of the best places to settle down if you are planning to move from your current locality. This county was formed way back in 1752 and it is bordered by the Poconos in the north and Delaware River in the east. The population of this county is said to be around 300,813 as recorded in 2015. Its largest city is Bethlehem which is a very prominent name in history. It stretches across an area of 976 km2.

The Northampton County in Pennsylvania has a very soothing weather overall and thus it experiences quite a number of footfall of tourists all over the year. There are people, families, and retirees. The highest summer temperature is 83 degrees F and the lowest winter temperature runs down to 19 degrees F. This area experiences about 204 sunny days per year and about 39 inches or rain per year on an average.

What is special about Northampton County, Pennsylvania?

Similar to all other Pennsylvania counties, Northampton County is also breathtaking in its beauty and yet simplicity. However, there is more to this county than the mere sophistication and luxury.

It upholds a rich cultural heritage and history, especially with Bethlehem being a very prominent part of it. It is the abode to a number of mixed races for over the years and thus, it is the home to carried culture and different races. You would find people speaking many different languages as their mother-tongue here.

Why Live in Northampton County?

If you are planning to move to Northampton County, be sure that this county will provide you with all the amenities and the facilities that you would require to live a good and luxurious life.

The transportation system is well-connected. Further, there is an ample number of schools and colleges. Higher educational institutions, libraries, and reading rooms are also spread across the county. There are 2 huge state parks in Northampton County for your recreation and for the moments when you want to come a bit closer to nature.

Furthermore, most importantly the price for land and ownership of houses are comparatively more affordable than various other counties, taking into account all the things that are available here. This is not just a place to come and visit; this is a place where you can enjoy your life, for the rest of your life.

There are no major concerns about staying in this county. Overall this is a very good place to be in. You have a number of opportunities to buy and rent houses. Thus, buy your next home in Northampton County and experience the difference for yourself.


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