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York County, PA FAQs

York County, PA

York is a small county in the US state of Pennsylvania. Tracing its roots back to the 18th century, York was actually formed from Lancaster County and got its name from the Duke of York in England. It is currently bordered by a total of seven counties including the likes of Adams County, Lancaster County, and others.

It has been found that York is the ninth most populous counties in Pennsylvania. The population stood at 446,078 according to the census in 2017. The county is well-connected within itself and to other neighbouring counties by a number of major highways.


York does assign a lot of importance to education. This is evident with the fact that there are a total of 16 public school districts in and around York. There are other private schools located within this region as well. The most common colleges include the York campus of Pennsylvania State University, the York campus of Harrisburg Area Community College, the York College of Pennsylvania and many others.

Apart from that, there are various adult colleges like the Consolidated School of Business in York, York Technical Institute and others, specializing in individual skills.


York County could well prove to be a shopping enthusiast’s delight. Starting from factory outlets of brands to farmer markets, shopping malls, and antique stores, this small county has it all.

Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouse is a popular name in this part of Pennsylvania. This houses a lot of gourmet foods and has a well-maintained nursery all year round. Apart from that, West Manchester Town Center is the most popular shopping destination. The York Galleria is also a similar name in this regard. If you are looking for good bakery products, Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market has been providing the best in this department for the last 65 years!

Things to do

York County proudly boasts of its culture, heritage, and attractions. AACA Museum hosts products related to automobiles and motorcycles across the 19th and 20th centuries. For an animal lover, the 21-acre farm of Alpacas of York could prove to be the ideal day outing.

For all the other adventure enthusiasts, you could plan a day out in Carlisle Sports Emporium, to go through laser tags, miniature golf games, go karting and the likes. Apart from this, there are names like Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad to visit.


On an average, a resident of the York County earns around $28,454 annually. Coupled with the fact that the job market has seen a recent progress of 1.9% over the last one year, this would be a good time to be working in York.

In general, a majority of the people are engaged in the manufacturing sector, followed by healthcare and retail trade sectors. There are other dominant industries like education, food services, and the likes.


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