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Best Small Towns in Florida to Retire

Retirement is a massive event in a person’s life. It’s a time when you can finally relax. You’ve been working your whole life, trying to elevate your family’s status. Now it’s time to live without worrying about anything. It is truly your own time.

Florida is considered the mecca of senior citizens who want to live in a comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful place. Most of them don’t want the noise and crowd of big cities like Miami. That is why we are going to tell you about some of the best small towns in Florida to retire. These places have everything you need, only they aren’t as crowded as the major cities. You will enjoy a peaceful life in these serene small towns.
In case you did not know, Florida is also known for its Sinkhole Alley primarily located in central Florida. No matter where you decide to retire to in Florida, make sure to check out the Florida Sinkhole guide.

Best Small Towns in Florida to Retire

Palm Beach

This is a lavish community in South Florida. The town was established by Henry Flagler to provide a luxury destination for his railroad that ran through Florida. Lying on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Miami, Palm Beach has a small population of 8,800. It is situated in Palm Beach County near some other sought-after cities like Lake Worth Beach and West Palm Beach.

The real estate in this town is quite expensive. An average house in Palm Beach costs almost 1.2 million dollars. You can find houses in a lower price range though (like $200,00). The residents are affluent, with an average household income of $140,000 per year.
It is a peaceful and serene community with a crime rate of less than one-third of the national average. Healthcare facilities are decent, there are 4 hospitals in the area. You can enjoy spending time at the beautiful beaches, dining at amazing restaurants, and exploring the marvelous Museum.


The beautiful city of Naples is the southernmost metropolitan area along the gulf coast of Florida. It is situated an hour south of Fort Myers. The city was founded in the 1880s. Its rich history, beautiful white sand beaches, and gated communities make it one of the best small towns in Florida to retire. Naples has a population of just over 22,000. The average house price in this city is close to a million dollars. Whereas the average household income is $110,000 approximately.
There are lots of high-end shops, boutiques, and recreational spots. Golf is also a huge thing in Naples. The surrounding areas have multiple golf courses where you can spend your retirement days with your golf buddies. One of the best things about this city is the climate, especially if you like hot weather. The crime rate is lower than the national average.


Coastal Living Magazine voted this city as one of the Top 10 Happiest Seaside Towns. Forbes Magazine rated it among the Top 10 Retirement Destinations in America. It has a big mainland as well as the stunning Venice Island.
It has a population of 24,000. You can buy a home in Venice for a great value. The average house in this delightful town costs just over $250,000 which is not that much considering it is such a sought-after place. The cost of living is also reasonable for a city like this.
There are 31 municipal parks in the city. It is also home to several tennis clubs and golf courses. Venice is also known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. The Venice theater is considered the number one theater in the whole country. You will find the architecture lovely, quite similar to its namesake Venice, Italy.

St. Augustine

This historic town was established by the Spanish in 1565. Its unique history, lifestyle, and beauty make it one of the best small towns in Florida for retirement. The city is located in northeast Florida near Jacksonville. It has a small but vibrant population of 15,500.
The average house in St. Augustine costs around $270,000. The majority of the residents belong to the upper-middle class, with an average household income of $55,000 per year. You can choose from multiple housing communities to live in. Whether it be the classic Spanish-styled homes in the old town or the modern and newer ones in the vicinity, St. Augustine gives you a variety of options when it comes to housing.
This city is made special by its art galleries, theatres, and Lightner Museum. There are a few drawbacks to living in St. Augustine though. The biggest one is the crime rate which is higher than both the national and the state averages. Because it is a famous tourist destination, you will also feel annoyed by the traffic.

Vero Beach

Located on Florida’s East Coast roughly 200 miles south of Jacksonville, Vero Beach is the county seat of Indian River County. Nearby towns include Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. It has a small population of 17,500 friendly people. The average house in this captivating costs about $260,000.
Vero Beach is best known for its fine dining golf, fishing, and water sports. You will also find a great range of art galleries, theatres, and museums. Being the cultural and commercial center of Indian River County, it gives a vibe of a big town. You will not be bored or without anything fun to do.
Many retired businessmen and executives have chosen Vero Beach for their retirement. The crime rate is lower than the state average but a bit higher than the national average. The weather is warm, temperatures are higher than Florida’s average temperature.


Located in Lee County in South Florida, Sanibel is an island famous for its amazing beaches. It consists of 16.13 square miles of land area and 17.12 miles of water area. The average house in Sanibel Island costs around $720,000. It is considered one of the best small towns in Florida to retire because of its serene environment, stunning landscapes, and premium neighborhoods.
Sanibel Island is full of wildlife and beautiful birds. The island is known for seashells. One of the most interesting activities on Sanibel beach is collecting seashells laying around the beach. The weather here is hot. The average temperature is higher than Florida’s average.
It is a peaceful place with a crime rate of less than half of the national average. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping centers for you to explore. The health facilities are also good, you will not have to leave the island for a medical checkup or emergency.

Fernandina Beach

The county seat of Nassau County, Fernandina Beach is the northernmost city on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Amelia Island is located just south of it. The average house in this beautiful town is priced at $334,000.
Nature has blessed this splendid town with 13 miles of breathtaking beaches. It is the perfect place for sunbathing at the beach, reading your favorite book, or contemplating. For the more adventurous types, it offers an unforgettable deep-sea fishing and kayaking experience. One-third of the total population is over the age of 65, meaning you will be surrounded by people in your age group, having similar interests.
The weather here is moderate, colder than the average weather of the sunshine state but hotter than the national temperatures. The crime rate is almost equal to the national average.

Safety Harbor

Sitting along Old Tampa Bay, the mesmerizing Safety Harbor is situated just west of Tampa. It was discovered by Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in 1539. This historic town was named “Water of the Holy Spirit” by the Spanish because of its five natural mineral springs. It has a population of 18,000. A large portion of the population is aged above 50 years of age. The average house price in Safety Harbor is $270,000 appropriately. It is a small town with 4.90 square miles of land area and 0.17 miles of water area.
This Pinellas County town has moderate hot weather, almost the same as the rest of the state. The crime rate is less than half of the state average though.
Safety harbor is a beautiful place with many fun things to do. You can enjoy a peaceful walk along the harbor in Phillippe Park, watch the pleasure boats in the ocean, fish with your buddies, or alone at Fishing Pier and Safety Harbor Marina. The centuries-old Live Oak at Baranoff Park is also a treat to see.


This small town is a part of Franklin County in northwest Florida. It is spread over a small area of about 2 square miles. The population is also quite small, just 2,500 people. Being such a small town makes Apalachicola a close-knit community where people appreciate each other’s company and look out for their neighbors.
An average house in Apalachicola costs about $112,500. The house value is lower than the state and the national averages. This makes it one of the most affordable and best small towns in Florida for retirement.
The crime rate is less than half of the state average. It’s hard to commit crimes in a place where almost everyone knows everyone. The weather is moderate. The town has average temperatures colder than Florida’s average and hotter than the national average.
Apalachicola is an old fishing town with a rich history. It is located near some of the best fishing and oystering areas of the Gulf Coast. There are many old buildings with amazing architecture and plenty of restaurants with delicious seafood.

Ponte Vedra

Lying west of the famous Ponte Vedra Beach, Ponte Vedra town is located just across the Intracoastal Waterway. This small town offers a wonderful golf experience. It is an upscale community with lots of highly successful people spending their retirement days away from the noise of big cities.
An average house in Ponte Vedra town costs $535,000. It is an expensive place with a high living cost. So you might want to check with your accountant before making a move.
For entertainment, you will find beautiful beaches and golf courses. Boating is also a common thing. The community is safe, the crime rate is below the national average.


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