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Brevard County, found on Florida’s east coast, is famous for space exploration, with the Kennedy Space Center hosting rocket launches. The county has 72 miles of beautiful beaches, including Cocoa Beach. Brevard’s economy thrives on aerospace, defense, and tourism.

There are cool places like the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for nature lovers. It’s also home to the Florida Institute of Technology. People here enjoy a mix of space history, stunning beaches, and diverse activities, making Brevard County a great place to live and visit.

Best Cities In and Near Brevard County, FL

1. Palm Bay


Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard County, known for its welcoming community and abundant natural surroundings. Home to picturesque parks, golf courses, and diverse residential neighborhoods, Palm Bay offers a laid-back atmosphere with easy access to modern conveniences.

Attractions or Amenities

Turkey Creek Sanctuary, nestled in a serene haven, is an idyllic retreat for avid bird watchers and nature enthusiasts yearning for picturesque trails. Meanwhile, The Majors Golf Club stands out as a premier destination for golf aficionados, boasting meticulously designed courses that promise a thrilling and satisfying game. Additionally, Bayside Lakes offers a delightful blend of shopping venues, diverse dining options, and vibrant community engagement opportunities, fostering a dynamic atmosphere for both residents and visitors to partake in a myriad of activities and create lasting memories.

Palm Bay is ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy a suburban lifestyle surrounded by nature. With its family-friendly neighborhoods and recreational opportunities, Palm Bay offers a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

2. Melbourne


Melbourne is a vibrant coastal city that seamlessly combines historic charm with modern amenities. Boasting a thriving arts scene, beautiful beaches, and a diverse culinary landscape, Melbourne exudes a relaxed yet cosmopolitan vibe.

Attractions or Amenities

Historic Downtown Melbourne exudes charm with its boutique shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes, offering a delightful peek into local culture. A leisurely walk through its lively streets provides a unique blend of history and creativity.

The Eau Gallie Arts District shines as a vibrant hub of creativity, hosting diverse art galleries, lively music spots, and captivating cultural events. It draws artists and art lovers, fostering an inspiring environment for expression.

For a touch of paradise, the Indialantic Boardwalk and Beach offer an ideal spot to soak up the sun, ride the waves, and admire breathtaking ocean views. A beloved spot for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking relaxation amidst the coastal beauty.

Melbourne is ideal for individuals and families seeking a dynamic coastal lifestyle with access to cultural experiences and recreational activities. Its blend of history, art, and outdoor pursuits creates a welcoming environment for residents of all ages.

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3. Titusville


Titusville is a city rich in history, situated along the Indian River and within close proximity to the Kennedy Space Center. This unique location offers a mix of educational opportunities, outdoor adventures, and a strong sense of community.

Attractions or Amenities

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a renowned attraction that beautifully weaves together the rich tapestry of the past, present, and future of space exploration. Located just a stone’s throw away, Playalinda Beach unfolds as a peaceful haven, gracing the shorelines of the Canaveral National Seashore. This serene stretch of coastline captivates nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike, offering a tranquil escape into the beauty of nature.

For a delightful blend of history and charm, step into Historic Downtown Titusville. Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of antique shops, inviting waterfront dining spots, and a calendar brimming with vibrant events. Immerse yourself in the city’s storied heritage as you wander through the charming streets and soak in the warm hospitality of this inviting destination.

Titusville is ideal for history enthusiasts, science aficionados, and nature lovers. Its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center and the natural beauty of the surrounding area make it a compelling choice for those seeking a unique and enriching living experience.

4. Merritt Island


Merritt Island is a captivating blend of lush landscapes, waterfront living, and proximity to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Known for its tranquil ambiance and waterfront properties, Merritt Island offers a serene escape from the everyday hustle.

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Attractions or Amenities

Explore the captivating natural wonders of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine sanctuary dedicated to wildlife observation, birding enthusiasts, and eco-tourism experiences within its untouched habitats. Delve into a world where nature thrives in harmony.

For a delightful day of aquatic escapades, venture to Sykes Creek, a serene haven perfect for indulging in boating adventures, fishing excursions, and moments of tranquil waterside relaxation. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this idyllic setting.

To enrich your outdoor journey further, make your way to Banana River Park, a charming and family-friendly destination teeming with recreational delights. Discover inviting playgrounds, scenic picnic spots, and stunning water vistas that beckon you to savor precious moments enveloped by the beauty of nature. Enjoy quality time amidst the lush surroundings.

Merritt Island is ideal for nature enthusiasts, boaters, and individuals seeking a peaceful waterfront lifestyle. With its abundance of natural attractions and serene atmosphere, Merritt Island provides a tranquil setting for those looking to embrace waterfront living.

5. Cocoa Beach


Cocoa Beach is renowned for its laid-back beach town atmosphere, impressive surf breaks, and a vibrant array of dining and entertainment options. As the closest beach to Orlando, Cocoa Beach attracts visitors and residents alike with its coastal charm.

Attractions or Amenities

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Cocoa Beach, nestled in Brevard County, Florida, is a renowned coastal paradise that beckons visitors with its captivating charm. This gem boasts a myriad of attractions to enchant individuals of all ages. Among its notable highlights stands the Cocoa Beach Pier, an iconic structure that not only promises delightful beachside dining experiences but also doubles as a haven for avid shoppers in search of unique souvenirs.

As you leisurely wander along the pier, your senses will be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the endless ocean expanse, creating a tranquil setting perfect for unwinding and embarking on a day of discovery. Moreover, the town’s vibrant local culture and inviting ambiance contribute to making Cocoa Beach an idyllic escape for those yearning to immerse themselves in Florida’s laid-back lifestyle, all while basking in the warmth of the sun, the allure of the surf, and the comfort of the sandy shores that define this enchanting coastal community.

Cocoa Beach is a paradise for surfers, sun worshippers, and anyone who believes life is just better with a little salt on their skin, and sand between their toes. It’s the perfect place for families looking for a sun-soaked vacation, couples dreaming of a romantic beach getaway, and singles looking to mingle in an upbeat beach town atmosphere. If you’re the type who loves to start your day with a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean and end it by toasting to the sunset, then pack your bags, because Cocoa Beach is calling your name. Plus, for the space enthusiasts out there, being close enough to see rocket launches from your backyard is pretty much the cherry on top of this Florida coastal delight.

6. Rockledge


Rockledge is a charming city known for its waterfront living, historic landmarks, and family-friendly neighborhoods. Nestled along the Indian River, Rockledge offers a blend of suburban tranquility and convenient access to modern amenities.

Attractions or Amenities

McLarty Park is a stunning park that boasts picturesque landscapes, complete with playgrounds for the little ones to enjoy, spacious picnic areas for families to gather and relax, and breathtaking riverfront views that immerse visitors in nature’s beauty.

Venture into the charming Historic Cocoa Village, a nearby district filled with an array of specialty shops to explore, art galleries showcasing local talent, and an assortment of waterfront dining options perfect for indulging in delicious meals while taking in the scenic views.

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For those seeking a premier golfing experience enveloped in serene surroundings, the Rockledge Country Club stands as an esteemed establishment. Offering top-notch facilities and services, this club provides golf enthusiasts with the ultimate golfing experience amidst the beauty of the landscape.

Rockledge is ideal for families, retirees, and golf enthusiasts seeking a serene riverfront lifestyle with easy access to recreational facilities and community events. Its blend of history, outdoor recreation, and family-oriented neighborhoods creates a welcoming environment for residents.

7. Satellite Beach


Satellite Beach is a coastal gem celebrated for its pristine beaches, outdoor activities, and strong sense of community. With an emphasis on beachside living and environmental conservation, Satellite Beach offers a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Attractions or Amenities

Hightower Beach Park is the ultimate destination for those seeking a serene oceanfront experience. Picture yourself relaxing under charming pavilions, enjoying convenient beach access through dune crossovers, and spotting various wildlife species in their natural habitats.

For beach enthusiasts, Pelican Beach Park is a true hidden treasure. Take leisurely walks along pristine boardwalks, engage in friendly games at the volleyball courts, and savor delightful picnics with breathtaking views of the shoreline.

Venture into Samsons Island Nature Park, a haven for nature lovers looking to reconnect with the outdoors. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of verdant trails, paddle in the tranquil waters, and marvel at the diverse array of native flora and fauna that call this park home.

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Satellite Beach is ideal for beach lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals looking to embrace a laid-back coastal lifestyle. Its focus on environmental preservation and beach-centric activities makes it a desirable location for those seeking a connection to nature.

8. Indialantic


Indialantic is a seaside town renowned for its uncrowded beaches, friendly atmosphere, and diverse range of recreational opportunities. Embracing a relaxed beach town vibe, Indialantic offers a blend of coastal living and community events.

Attractions or Amenities

Nance Park is a charming waterfront destination that hosts vibrant concerts, art exhibits, and community gatherings amidst stunning ocean vistas. It invites visitors to soak in its cultural richness and natural splendor, providing a serene space to unwind and connect with art and nature.

Indialantic Boardwalk, a picturesque path, offers a serene setting for leisurely walks, energizing runs, and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Embracing the tranquility of the ocean, visitors can relish the sea breeze and peaceful atmosphere.

Paradise Beach & Park is a family haven, blending beach park amenities for a delightful experience. With dedicated picnic spots, playful playgrounds, and beach volleyball courts, the park caters to all ages seeking relaxation or active enjoyment. Families can create lasting memories by the sea at this diverse and welcoming destination.

Indialantic is ideal for beachgoers, families, and individuals seeking a peaceful oceanfront lifestyle. Its emphasis on community activities, beach access, and relaxed ambiance makes it an appealing choice for those looking to immerse themselves in coastal living.

9. Indian Harbour Beach


Indian Harbour Beach is a small, friendly city known for its strong community spirit, well-maintained parks, and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. With a focus on family-friendly living and outdoor recreation, Indian Harbour Beach exudes a welcoming neighborhood feel.

Attractions or Amenities

Gleason Park is a vibrant central park that not only features picturesque walking trails and playgrounds but also offers a range of recreational facilities for all ages. It’s a haven for families and outdoor lovers seeking both tranquility and active pursuits in a natural setting.

Nestled by the coast, Canova Beach Park is a beloved oceanfront escape known for its great surfing spots, quiet sunbathing areas, and cozy picnic spots. It also includes pet-friendly zones, making it perfect for beach-loving families wanting to enjoy a day out with their furry friends amidst the soothing sounds of the waves.

The Eau Gallie Arts District nearby is a cultural treasure showcasing diverse art galleries, lively music venues, and engaging cultural events. It’s a dynamic hub for artists, art enthusiasts, and visitors, offering a rich tapestry of creative expressions and cultural experiences that enrich the vibrant arts scene in the area.

Indian Harbour Beach is ideal for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and residents seeking a close-knit community near the coast. Its focus on family-friendly amenities, outdoor recreational opportunities, and community events creates a warm and inclusive environment for residents of all ages.

10. West Melbourne


West Melbourne is a growing city with a mix of residential neighborhoods, retail centers, and natural landscapes. Situated at the crossroads of suburban living and commercial development, West Melbourne offers a balanced blend of convenience and community.

Attractions or Amenities

Hammock Landing is a vibrant shopping and entertainment center, alluring visitors with its wide range of shops, dining venues, and cinemas. Whether you’re after the latest fashion trends, a mouthwatering meal, or an immersive movie experience, this complex caters to every taste.

Situated in West Melbourne, Community Park shines as a vast outdoor oasis tailored to fit the active lifestyle of its locals. With its extensive sports fields, scenic trails, and top-notch recreational facilities, the park serves as a popular spot for community events and gatherings.

For families in search of high-octane fun, Andretti Thrill Park is the ultimate destination. This lively family amusement center offers a thrilling blend of activities, from heart-racing go-kart races and engaging mini-golf courses to classic arcade games and exhilarating rides. Whether you’re a speed demon or a lover of competitive challenges, Andretti Thrill Park guarantees an unforgettable experience for all ages.

West Melbourne is ideal for young families, professionals, and individuals seeking a modern suburban lifestyle with convenient access to retail and entertainment amenities. Its mix of residential offerings, commercial developments, and recreational facilities provides a well-rounded living experience for diverse residents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Brevard County, FL

Is Brevard County prone to hurricanes?

Absolutely. Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, and Brevard County, being on the coast, occasionally dances with these massive storms. It’s always wise to be prepared and have a hurricane plan in place.

What’s the job market like in Brevard County, FL?

Thriving, especially if you’re into aerospace! Home to the Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County rockets ahead with jobs in aerospace, aviation, and technology sectors. Don’t forget the growing healthcare and education fields too!

How’s the traffic situation in Brevard County, FL?

During rush hour, expect some slowdowns, especially near major hubs. But compared to larger Floridian cities, Brevard County’s traffic is more of a gentle stream than a raging river.

What about public transportation options?

Space Coast Area Transit got you covered for local bus services. If you’re looking to zoom further afield, options are a tad limited, so having a car might be handy.

Are there good schools in Brevard County, FL?

Yes! Brevard County prides itself on its quality education system, sporting highly rated public schools, several charter schools, and private institutions. Education is rocket science here – literally.

Any cool things to do in Brevard County, FL?

Tons! From space launches at Kennedy Space Center to surfing at Cocoa Beach, and not to mention, exploring the natural beauty of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Boredom is a foreign concept here.

Which neighboring county borders Brevard County, and what tourist spots are worth visiting in that area?

Close to the Brevard County line is Indian River County. This county boasts the Environmental Learning Center (ELC). Situated by the Wabasso Bridge in Vero Beach, this center serves as a hub for understanding the local ecosystems and biodiversity. With interactive exhibits, nature trails, and canoe trips in mangrove forests, the ELC offers hands-on learning about Florida’s Space Coast habitats. It’s a valuable resource for education and recreation, appealing to visitors of all ages near the Indian River-Brevard County border.

How’s the weather in Brevard County, FL?

Think of it as a tropical paradise with a side of humidity. Summers are hot and wet; winters are mild and more dry. Perfect for beach days nearly year-round, just watch out for the afternoon rain showers in summer.

How friendly are the locals?

Think of Southern hospitality with a space coast twist. People are friendly and welcoming, often bonded by community events and shared interests in space and nature. Making friends here is as easy as spotting a dolphin at the beach.

Helpful Tip: Florida is known to be prone to sinkhole issues. Check the Brevard County sinkhole map for more details

Conclusion: Is Brevard County, FL A Good Place to Live in?

Brevard County, FL, emerges as the perfect locale for those in search of a vibrant, hospitable, and cost-efficient place to settle down. This region offers a myriad of employment prospects, especially within the aerospace and technology industries, excellent educational facilities for your youngsters, and plenty of sunshine and stunning beaches for your leisure moments.

Furthermore, a strong community spirit creates a welcoming atmosphere, guaranteeing a swift sense of belonging. Let’s not overlook the extraordinary sight of witnessing a rocket launch while basking on the sandy coastline. This combination of elements truly establishes Brevard County as an exceptional hub for both professional endeavors and leisure pursuits.

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