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Selecting the perfect place to settle is more than checking off boxes on a list. It’s about finding a community that feels like the place you’ve dreamed of calling home. And in the heart of Florida lies a county brimming with cities that cater to all walks of life—Osceola County is a diverse tapestry where residents thrive in a blend of suburban tranquility, active urban lifestyles, and a back-to-nature simplicity. Whether you’re a family looking for the ideal environment to raise your kids, a retiree seeking the sunshine state’s peaceful golden years, or a metropolitan soul looking for eclectic urbanity, this county has something special for you.

We’re about to take you on a tour of the top 10 cities in Osceola County, each with its unique charm—showcasing an overview, key attractions, and why it’s considered ideal for certain types of residents. Pull up a seat, and explore where your next chapter could unfold.

Best Cities In and Near Osceola County, Florida



Kissimmee, deemed ‘The Gateway to Fun’, has grown into one of Florida’s fastest-growing areas, yet it refuses to lose its small-town appeal. Located just south of Orlando and minutes from the region’s major theme parks, Kissimmee beckons with a lively southern charm that’s irresistibly genuine.


  • The Historic Downtown is a window to the city’s past, filled with old-fashioned architecture, lush Magnolia trees, and a vibrant arts scene.Shingle Creek Regional Park is an environmental oasis with acres of unspoiled Florida nature, ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.The LOOP is a premier shopping and entertainment district that will satisfy any retail therapy need.

Ideal For

  • Families looking for access to quality education and proximity to world-famous theme parks and facilities.Nature lovers who wish to blend urban convenience with unadulterated outdoor beauty.

St. Cloud


Known for its award-winning schools and family-friendly environment, St. Cloud stands out as a Midwestern slice of traditional Florida. Overlooking East Lake Tohopekaliga, the city perfectly encapsulates the joy of lakeside living and civic pride.Attractions

  • Lakefront Park’s picturesque backdrop offers fun for the whole family with kayaking, walking trails, and fishing piers.The Civic Center hails a variety of community events, from farmers’ markets to live entertainment.Royal St. Cloud Golf Links is a serene championship course that’s hallowed ground for golf aficionados.

Ideal For

  • Families seeking a safe, close-knit community with renowned schools.Retirees who favor serene lakeside settings and cultural events.



A town born from the vision of Walt Disney, Celebration is a quaint community that feels plucked from the set of a charming small-town movie. It’s a pedestrian paradise, strategically designed to foster community bonding and neighborly interactions.Attractions

  • Celebration Town Center is a picturesque shopping area with a multitude of eateries and boutiques complete with old-world architectural charm.Celebration Lakeside Park, an expansive, family-friendly park in the city’s center, perfect for a day of play or relaxation.Gators Dockside is a popular local eatery that serves up the best in Southern-style comfort food.

Ideal For

  • Families desiring a close sense of the community and emphasis on the great outdoors.Retirees who wish to stay active in a laid-back environment.

Buenaventura Lakes


Just a hop, skip, and a jump or two away from the Walt Disney World Resort, downtown Kissimmee, and the Orlando International Airport, Buenaventura Lakes (BVL) is a prime location that offers the convenience of city living with a small neighborhood feel.

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  • BVL Community Park is a hub for sports and outdoor activities, featuring recreational fields, a playground, and even a dog park.The Florida Mall in nearby Orlando is a shopaholic’s sanctuary with a plethora of retail options and entertainment choices.The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra brings soul-stirring music right around the corner for those who appreciate the arts.

Ideal For

  • Young professionals looking for a gateway to urban employment opportunities with a suburban quality of life.Singles and couples who want the best of both worlds, with easy access to city fun and neighborhood calm.

Lake Hart


Named after the adjacent lake, a glistening gem in Florida’s natural tapestry, Lake Hart is a peaceful, rural corner of Osceola County. It’s known for its spacious houses and ample yards that beckon families and newcomers seeking a quiet homestead.


  • Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area provide unparalleled opportunities for hiking and bird watching.Harmony Golf Preserve carves through a wildlife sanctuary and native Florida vegetation, featuring challenging links and stunning vistas.Moss Park’s aviary environment is perfect for nature lovers, with extensive lakes for anglers, swimmers, and boaters.

Ideal For

  • Families who wish to escape the bustle of city life for the tranquility of a rural setting.Retirees desiring a respite from the rapid pace for a slower, nature-inspired daily rhythm.



Poinciana is a vibrant, diverse locale on the cusp of Osceola and Polk County. Sprawling over 47 square miles, Poinciana is Florida’s largest unincorporated community. It is in the process of incorporating as a city to provide the formal governance its size merits.

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  • Vance Harmon Park offers an outdoor splash pad, walking trails, and fields for various team sports.Bob Ryder’s Reserve draws birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts with its assortment of native Florida flora and fauna.Poinciana Medical Center caters to the community’s healthcare needs with leading medical professionals and a dedication to patient care.

Ideal For

  • Single parents and young families seeking affordability and ample space to grow.Health-conscious individuals who want easy access to wellness resources.



Campbell is a historic pocket of Florida, with some areas that date back as far as 1800. It’s a destination for those who love the allure of sequestered charm and easygoing country living.Attractions

  • The Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area offers a range of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, biking, and hunting.Kenansville Country Store is where you’ll find a step back in time, with homemade goods, antiques, and the warmest welcome.The Desert Inn and Restaurant is a restored historic landmark that serves as a reminder of Florida’s cowboy culture, with a rich history and hearty grub.

Ideal For

  • Nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate the tranquility of wide, open spaces.History buffs who relish in the preservation of centuries-old Florida charm.


OverviewHarmony is a unique planned community that focuses on sustainability and preserving the area’s natural surroundings. It’s a green, idyllic corner that appeals to eco-conscious residents.Attractions

  • Buck Lake Conservation Area offers miles of hiking and equestrian trails and opportunities to observe Florida’s diverse wildlife in their natural habitats.
  • Cat Lake Park is the neighborhood’s communal play space, complete with playgrounds, sports fields, and a splash pad for the little ones.
  • Harmony Golf Preserve complements its serene setting with a challenging course that’s both rewarding and respectful of the environment.

Ideal For

  • Environmentally aware families who appreciate green living and a sense of community.Golf lovers who seek to play in harmony with nature.



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Located along the upper eastern side of East Lake Tohopekaliga, Narcoossee’s rich history is evident in its scenic streets and well-preserved architecture. It’s a charming place that captures the essence of rural Florida’s vast beauty.


  • East Lake Fish Camp & Marina is a delightful waterfront venue offering boat rentals, guided fishing tours, and an authentic taste of Florida dining.
  • Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area offer a serene getaway for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Archie Gordon Memorial Park is a peaceful community park that’s perfect for family picnics, jogging, and playing with the dogs.

Ideal For

  • Lovers of the great outdoors who want lakeside living with old Florida charm.Young professionals and families who seek a serene retreat at the end of a day in the nearby metro areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving to Osceola County, FL

What are the best schools in Osceola County, FL?

Osceola County boasts several highly-rated schools including Osceola County School for the Arts, Celebration High School, and Harmony High School, offering top-notch education and various extracurricular activities for students.

What is the job market like in Osceola County, FL?

The job market in Osceola County is growing, especially in the healthcare, education, and tourism sectors. With close proximity to Orlando, opportunities in various industries are expanding, making it an attractive area for professionals and young families.

Are there good healthcare facilities in Osceola County, FL?

Yes, Osceola County is home to several top-rated healthcare facilities including Osceola Regional Medical Center and Poinciana Medical Center, offering comprehensive medical services and specialized care.

What kind of recreational activities can I find in Osceola County, FL?

From nature trails at Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area to water activities on Lake Toho, Osceola County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There are also numerous parks, golf courses, and community events year-round.

Is Osceola County, FL prone to natural disasters including sinkholes?

Osceola County, like much of Florida, can be affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and sinkholes. However, it does not have a high frequency of sinkholes compared to other parts of the state. Residents are encouraged to have insurance policies that cover such eventualities.

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How is the public transportation in Osceola County, FL?

Public transportation in Osceola County is facilitated by the Lynx bus service, which offers routes throughout the county and neighboring Orlando areas. While it provides essential connectivity, having a car is recommended for convenience and broader access.

What is the climate like in Osceola County, FL?

Osceola County enjoys a subtropical climate, featuring hot, humid summers and mild winters. This climate is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Can I find cultural and art events in Osceola County, FL?

Yes, Osceola County is rich in culture and arts. The Osceola Arts facility hosts numerous events, shows, and educational programs. Additionally, the region’s diverse population contributes to a variety of cultural festivals and events throughout the year.

Are pets welcome in Osceola County, FL?

Absolutely! Osceola County is pet-friendly, with many parks, trails, and accommodations that welcome pets. There are also several services available for pets, including veterinary clinics, grooming services, and pet stores.

Helpful Tip: Florida is known to be prone to sinkhole issues. Check the Osceola County sinkhole map for more details

Conclusion: Is Osceola, A Good Place to Live in?

If you’re mulling over whether to call Osceola County, FL, your new home sweet home, here’s the scoop: It’s pretty darn good. Why, you ask? Think of it as the perfect blend between idyllic countryside living and the buzz of nearby theme parks (hello, Mickey Mouse!).

The cost of living? Not too shabby, especially when you consider Florida’s no state income tax perk. Education-wise, Osceola’s got a mix of schools that are pulling up their socks and showing promising improvements. Outdoorsy types will have a field day exploring the natural beauty of the area (lakes, trails, you name it). And, the cherry on top?

A community vibe that’s as warm as the Florida sun. Sure, like anywhere, it has a few areas it could polish up, but all in all, Osceola County rolls out a pretty inviting welcome mat.

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